Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Ouch

I want to apologize first off for not reading or commenting this week.   I've simply been too damn overwhelmed and, quite honestly, depressed.  And in pain.  I am going to wipe my Google Reader clean Monday and start from there, catching up as you post.  Thanks for understanding.  Anyway, here's my stuff.
  • Spazz had to move in with us Saturday.  More drama.  BUT, he's helping get furniture and stuff ready, so I appreciate that.
  • Littlest and her BFF came and helped Sunday with the painting of furniture and reorganizing of our bedroom - our room is nearly ready!  Cricket's corner is almost finished.  The nursery is...getting there.
  • I had to have a u/s on my gall bladder Tuesday due to regular and fairly painful right sided rib and upper back issues.  Good news is gall bladder is fine.  Bad news is, it is most likely just my rib cage spreading, and since Cricket refuses to budge, it's not going away until she/he makes an appearance.
  • I woke up this morning unable to open my mouth - my TMJ has decided to flare up, on one side only.  I know I'm not grinding my teeth because due to excessive preggo boogers, I sleep with my mouth open.  So, who knows WHY it started.  I can't take anti-inflammatories.  So I am trying to stick to soft foods, and will be using warm compresses.  And I was referred to an oral surgeon.  Le sigh.   Chewing, yawning, etc are overrated anyway.
  • In good and fun news, shower gifts have started to arrive!  So they are fun little surprises I get to open :-)  Time to start Thank You cards. 
  • I have nearly unburied my living room.  Woohoo!
Happy Friday, all!


  1. Wow, crazy! Hang in there, glad the nursery is getting ready and gifts are arriving. Lame about the TMJ but I hear you on the drooling...mMmm sexy! Hang in there lady. Hope your weekend is amazing!

  2. Happy Friday! I hope you feel better soon!!!

  3. So much craziness! I hope that things calm down soon and you're feeling better.

  4. oh honey, being depressed and overwhelmed is the pits. I wish I could whisk you off to the spa with me for a long afternoon of pampering and relaxation.

    WTF is going on with the TMJ? My jaw started locking when I was 13, and it definitely flairs up when I am stressed out. I know that I clench my teeth while sleeping and that is what causes it. and there was a month after getting my wisdom teeth out that it was so bad I was essentially on a liquid diet (Yeah Ensure!). Meh. I feel for you.

    and um, seriously, reading and commenting is not a responsibility that qualifies as a priority in my book, unless I am doing it for me because it is making me feel good. So, um, no pressure there. You have lots of good comment karma built up! :)

    wishing you some light, laughter, and cheer.

  5. I am glad the jaw pain was nothing worse, but still, TMJ is the pits. And the rib pain sounds terrible too! Mine is all in the pelvis. I cannot cross my legs anymore!! You are not alone :) Unburied living room sounds great, good work!

  6. Quick question Ms. Genevieve...I can't remember if you told us but, is there a specific color or theme for Cricket's nursery?

    Hope this upcoming week is a bit better for you. {{{Hugs}}}


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