Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Game On!

So, yup, still way behind in reading...every time I go to catch up, I have a project I need to work on.  For instance, baby shower prep, etc.  Been nesting like mad, and that makes me uncomfortable and tired, so I keep getting behind.  I am so, so sorry! 

But I have to say, it may not get better for the next week or so, because....


That's right, I am only restricted by what I can tolerate at this point.  Which, it turns out, is not as much as I had hoped, LOL.  We finished up shopping today (Ack!  Money!) and I now feel like someone drove a truck over my hips and lower back.  Oops.  Maybe I should have eased into it. 

So, I am determined to have the house ready by the end of the weekend, and I have a massage next Tuesday, and after that, Cricket is allowed to come.  Watch me go 6 more weeks...so wouldn't surprise me at this point, LOL. 

I owe you pics of the shower and I will do a post about it.  Promise.

Oh!  And pretty pretty please, head over and give Erica some lovin'.  She is a week behind me, and has been put on hospital bedrest due to preeclampsia.  She's a bit wigged out, understandably so, and could use some support.  She's also on FB, and has a link on her page - she can't access her blog right now, but is all over FB right now trying to stave off boredom and worry. 

I am off to nest and celebrate the fact that I can be mobile...and that I can have SEX!  Oh, yeah, you know I'm excited about that! 

As soon as my obsessive nesting phase ends, I will somehow catch up with you all.  Love you ALL!


  1. Oh this is so exciting! So glad to hear you are free...in more ways than one!! Go have fun :)

  2. Enjoy your freedom! It must feel so nice to plan some outings now!!!

  3. Wooohoooo...how exciting that you've been freed. Don't overdo it just because you are allowed to.

  4. Yay Freedom!!!! I can't wait to see shower pics!
    I do want to tell you...I had a prenatal massage and less than a week later I went into labor! :)


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