Thursday, December 23, 2010

What a Year (and a quarter)

So, the end of year, with all it's holidays and lovey-dovey gooey stuff is here in force.  And I can't help, as anniversaries are discussed, and one of mine recently passed, thinking about all that we have been through in the last year and a bit...and what lies ahead! 

I honestly hadn't really started considering it much, just letting the goodness flow, until I was talking to Lauren Sunday.  She asked about how we got to this point, so I told her the story.  And realized that last Friday was the 1 year anniversary of DH's XXY, aka Klinefelter diagnosis.  We already knew he had NOA, but this was a definitive WHY.  A week before Christmas.  Woohoo.  Insert the beginning of my downward spiral.  Hard to believe, but I lost 10 lbs in the next month.  10 lbs!  Yeah, now I'm the porker :) 

Anyway, we did find a silver lining...his diagnosis explained a lot of issues he had had since childhood.  So while it BLEW CHUNKS, and he was pretty upset he didn't know a long time ago, it also explained so much.  We grieved, we joked...all kinds of things...and after saying we were done, moved onto DS.

A year later I sit here 22 weeks pregnant feeling happily enormous, terrified of what's to come, wondering on occasion, "OMG what were we thinking???"  LOL.  Spent a lot of time wanting to be pregnant, wanting to have a child.  Getting a little scared now of the reality of that happening as furniture, clothing, car seats, etc etc begin to roll in.  Have you seen Juno?  She says, "I've heard that pregnancy often leads to an infant."  Yup, "this is reality Greg!"  LOL.  It's all good. 

You've heard most of my story, no need to rehash.  But beyond the IF stuff, there certainly have been other ups and downs, and just a hell of a year overall.  I am looking forward to the ENORMOUS changes that 2011 will bring...our trip down Parenthood Lane, and a continued love affair with all things BLOG. 

So, in case I don't remember to do it later this week or next week, I wish you ALL a Happy Holiday Season and great things to come in the new year.  Love and hugs and mushiness.


  1. Hugs and mushiness to you too :)

  2. Happy Holidays to you too! And yes, 2011 will bring many many wonderful changes...:)

  3. Happy Holidays to you!!! And Hell Ya to a brighter 2011!!!


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