Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Can't Keep Up!

Holy Moly!  I can't keep up anymore.  It's why you don't see me participating in ICLW, either.  I know I can't manage it, so I don't want to feel guilty for not completing it.  Hell, I can't even keep my house picked up, and this is pre-kid.  I swear I was better about it when I lived in little tiny spaces.  Apparently having room to spread out is a terrible thing for DH and I.  We have a cleaning date next week.

Anywho, couple things to discuss.  But first:  Cricket's first Christmas gift arrived in the mail today!!!  I got all kinds of weepy, LOL.  Other people I know got her gifts, but this was the first one in the house.  Awwww, milestone!


So, Sunday I got a chance to meet a Bloggy Friend!  Woohoo!  Went and had a date with Lauren (who could use a boost, so give her some love!), and it was awesomesauce!  We we soooo alike.  LOL.  And bless her, she put up with my seriously narcotic induced babbling and, worse, hardcore vomiting.  But it was my first meet n greet with a Bloggy Friend!  And she is uber-cool, and I am so glad I dragged my sick arse out to go play.  We are discussing an Eastern PA/NJ meet up.  So keep an eye out for a post! 

DH had to quit the part-time job.  Bummer, but it's okay.  And now he's home at night (well, when he doesn't stay up most of the night playing video games.  Sigh.  SUPPOSEDLY today he is going to get some furniture moving done with the help of our neighbor so the crib, etc, are no longer in the dining room.  I am soooo hoping I get home to furniture where I want it.  *Fingers are crossed*

Diaper decision is made!  We are going to go with Pocket, or Insert, Diapers.  The ones that are cloth, but use inserts so that you are not washing them EVERY time.  We are already registered for some gDiapers, but I hear BumGenius is the way to go.  So as soon as I can, I will be doing a search for those puppies!  And order them a couple at a time so we don't go broke :) (Well, more broke)

I have posts about, you know, deep stuff, coming up, but had to get out some updates :)


  1. Ha ha. You said awesomesauce. Are you a 30 Rock watcher too?

  2. I'm so behind lately too - there is no way I could do ICLW this month! I feel like my head is going in a million directions - thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!

  3. Don't worry - I can't keep up either! You don't even want to know what my reader looks like. It's insane

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome meeting with Lauren! I am so jealous being all the way out here in Australia. Congrats on the first xmas gift! Yay for milestones :)

  5. I'm always so impressed with your comments! I'm trying desperately to stay up and it leads to a lot of "wow, that's great, so glad things are good" and "I'm so sorry about that" because that's all the time/energy I've got!

  6. My bff loves bum genius! I bought her some.


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