Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Many Times I Go Pee-pee

I have been jumping through hoops, little ones, big ones, flaming ones, to get my bathroom breaks for work approved.  Yeah, you heard me.

I work in a call center.  We are on the phones ALL day, and bathroom breaks come out of your stats, making it more difficult to do well.  So, being pregnant and peeing ALL THE TIME, you can apply for special leave to go to the bathroom, unpaid.  Yeah, again, you heard me.  I have to clock out to pee. 

Anyway, when I still had FMLA left, they didn't care how often or anything, no worries.  Now that I am out of FMLA, I had to refile, this time as an "accomodation".  I got a letter yesterday telling me they needed more information from the doctor, specifically:

      "Please have your health care provider indicate...the total estimated frequency (how many) and duration (how long) of restroom breaks that you may require each day."


So I dutifully trucked myself into the doctor's office this morning, and presented the letter to the receptionist, who looked at me and said, "Are they serious???"  She in turn, tracked down the OB in charge of paperwork today, who said the same thing, and then called them.  After speaking with them she came to find us.

She basically said, "What do you want me to put down, what is okay to approve."
LOA IDIOTS: "We can't tell you that."
OB:  "I'm supposed to know how often my patient has to go pee-pee when she's pregnant and guzzling fluids per our instructions?"
LOA: "You just have to fill out the form."
OB: "Then how many times do you think it is appropriate for her to have to go pee-pee a day?"
LOA: "We can't tell you that."

You get the idea.  This apparently went on for about 10 minutes, she tried to get someone higher up the chain, who wouldn't speak with her.  And she refused to say "urinate" and kept saying "pee-pee" to point out the ridiculousness of the request.

So, the new request has been faxed, which I'm sure will get turned down again.  Blah, blah, blah, blah. 

I wanted to HUG this woman today.  Props to Wendy the OB for giving them hell.  Here's hoping I get approved and don't get docked for all my potty breaks for the last month.  Sigh. 

Time to go pee-pee.


  1. Holy fuck, that's crazy! My husband works in a call center, too, so I get the whole "release time" thing and how often you're off the phone. But really? That has to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Ever. I love your OB for putting her foot down!

  2. That is beyond ridiculous. I can not believe they pull crap like that.

  3. OMG that's just ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous.

    But, yay for your OB for her role in it! :)

  4. OMFG!! You need to find a new job!! Or pee yourself... is it allowed to pee in a potty at your desk while on the phone?
    Your OB totally rocks!

  5. That is insane! So sorry you have to deal with that job is very understanding, so I am pretty lucky...

  6. I actually laughed reading was so ridiculous! I thought my work was annoying! That is madness and you have my sympathy. X

  7. maybe you should ask your employers how they would feel if you just sit on a porta-potty at your desk!?! o_O idiots!

  8. OMG this is so crazy its funny....Im surprised your work doesnt make you get a Catheter:)....Im telling you after all the shit we have been through to get to where we are then have to deal with other crazy crap is just absurd!!!!

  9. God that is so fucking ridiculous!!!!!! Thank God Wendy stood up for you. I want to slap your bosses.

  10.! Seriously.

    This is a story that the National Womens Law Center needs to hear about. It is the kind of story that legislators (State and Federal) need to hear about. It is so insane it could get national coverage by the media.

    besides the fact that this situation is SO WRONG.

  11. Seriously though, how often do you need to go? LOL. I can so relate to this and hope, hope, hope your request gets approved and puts an end to this circus!!

  12. O.M.G - are you serious?! SERIOUS?! I cannot even believe they can get away with that - needing a doctors note to go "pee-pee" (which cracked me up). Tell them to move your desk closer to the restroom so your breaks don't take as long. *rolls eyes* I cannot even believe this...

  13. Oh..My..Gawd...are we in a civilized country or not? This has to be illegal....I mean who has the right to deny you the right to go to the bathroom. I really hope that it gets approved and the as**hats that came up with that rule, gets theirs...

  14. I couldn't even count the amount of time I go pee pee. This seems like some weird invasion of privacy or something. Love you doc though!


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