Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cricket's Loot

So, here is a pictorial of Cricket's Loot for the year :) 

Grandma Sue sent 2 blankets, this one and the one below.  This one is insects.

And this one is Safari Monkeys.  (My hubby's nickname is Monkey)

This is from Aunt Bree - Monkeys and bananas.

Cricket's first books!

Yeah, it's sideways, sorry.  Clothes from Aunt Sister

Crib!  From Nana and Great Grandpa!

From Grandma Jan

From Aunt Littlest
We got 2, one from Aunt Littlest and one from Nana - one is the travel version (pictured) and one is the full-size crib version.

This photo is terrible....and it wasn't for Cricket, it was for me, but I had to share.  This is the gift that brought me to tears this year.  It is a carving, a collection called "Willow Tree."  And it makes me weep. 

There were also thermal curtains for the nursery (coldest/hottest room in the house), and some wall decals.  Also, from Grandma Sue, is a Flip camcorder!  It looks like an iPod, but for videos.  And plugs right into the computer to upload.  Farking AWESOME!!!  You have been forewarned....videos of Cricket will most likely be RAMPANT. 

The blankets will be a bit warm to use right off, but will be fantastic for floor play, and they are beautiful :)   I had to share, so thanks for indulging me!

Tons more in my world and brain, so it may be a busy posting week! 


  1. A great haul!

    We LOVE our flip. It's so cool and so easy. We actually recorded a friend's entire wedding and reception on it a few months ago because they didn't have a videographer and they LOVED it!

  2. Great pressies and the last one is gorgeous. x

  3. I loooove your crib! And I think that's probably a record for most gifts received by an unborn child!

  4. Oh gosh those Willow Tree things are the best ever. I hate sappy stuff usually but I'm a sucker for those. Also glad you got some giraffe stuff ;-)

  5. Wow, gorgeous gifts. I love that unicorn from Toy story! And the turtle, we don't have that toy here. The flip also sounds totally awesome. Thanks for posting this :)

  6. How fun that you got so much for Cricket! And that camera sounds awesome!! My hubby got me that willow tree figurine right after we told our families...it's absolutely gorgeous!

  7. I'm late commenting on this post, but that Willow Tree figure has me in tears right now. After such a long struggle, it is a beautiful tribute. And...that crib is AMAZING!!

  8. Those are some pretty fantastic gifts, and I agree with the previous posters that the Willow Tree figure has some serious emotional value. Great choices of books too - it doesn't get any better than the classics :)
    I have a lot of missed posts to catch up on... off to do that now. Have a wonderful New Year!


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