Friday, June 29, 2012

And Then I Gave Him A Spoon...

P is a food thrower.  Doesn't like it?  Throw.  Not in the mood to eat?  Throw.  Finished eating?  Throw.  And he cannot be stopped.

For this reason we have NOT given him a bowl and spoon.  It was a scary proposition.  But, it had to be faced at some point.  So I bit the bullet last night and gave him yogurt in a bowl, and a spoon.  I kept some aside so I could try to actually get some in his mouth.

This is what happens when you give my kid the tools to feed himself.

It should be noted that at the end of this little adventure I gingerly carried him into the bathroom and plopped him in the tub.  In his diaper.  Because it had yogurt dripping down it.

The good news?  He didn't throw any of it.

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  1. Practice makes perfect! I know with my little man he acts up UNLESS I give him his own silverware and plate. They want to do it all by themselves huh?


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