Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy All Hallow's Eve

Trick Or Treat comes early in our neighborhood...Last Wednesday of the month.  Yeah, I know, don't get me started.  Grrr.  Anywho, P wore his costume early this year.  I am trying to figure out a reason to put him in it today, LOL.  But I thought I would share some of our Halloween celebrations!

This is actually over a month ago, but he
was going to grow out of it, so I wanted to use it!

Actual costume worn to hand out candy (and
flirt with all the people).  Our Monkey!

Caught this earlier that day or the day before - I
call it Obi Wan Sumboobie.

Who, me?  Nope, wasn't me.
Today we played with pumpkin seeds....sorry for the goofy layout.  My laptop hates me when I put in lots of photos and try to actually manipulate them.  *Sad Face*  
Digging in the goods.

Gnawing on the bowl, LOL.

He didn't want it to get away...

But it did....nooooo!  Come back!  


  1. What a cutey! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Adorable!! There was a baby in Oliver's crèche with the same skeleton outfit! And how did he get on with the seeds? Love, Fran

  3. Man is he pure cute. I wanna come over and squeeze him.... can I?


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