Friday, October 7, 2011

More Tragedy

Yesterday I posted about a song and it's meaning in our community.  Today it is more apropos than I could have imagined. 

Our community sadly has a new member. Rebecka's 2 year old daughter has a brain stem glioma.  Cancer.  In a 2 year old.  Sunday they had a new hope.  The amazing doctors at CHOP were going to hopefully help get more of the tumor. With any luck, 6 months of hell would be over.  Katy's surgery was Sunday.  By Wednesday she still had not woken up and was unresponsive.  Wednesday afternoon an EEG showed no brain activity. 

Rebecka's family are now all with her in Philly, but arrangements are being made.  A young life has been lost to a senseless, indiscriminate disease.  Katy's younger sister will never remember her, and most likely, for her older brothers, she will be but a fuzzy memory.  A spirited, babbling little girl is gone. 

She needs our support, you guys. Please, if nothing else, go give her some love.  Send hugs, support, reach out.  I know you guys.  This is our community. 

I do not know what the funeral arrangements are, nor do I have her address yet, but I would like to start a fund, whether for her funeral costs or for a donation, or whatever she prefers.  To keep it generic, I have posted a button to the left that you can click on if you are able to give even a $ or $$, hell even 1/$.  I will update you with what we have, and where it will ultimately be going. 

Either way, please go give her some love.  She and her family need it.  Thanks, everyone.


  1. this is heartbreaking :((( P&PT with the little girl's family!

  2. Awww, such super sadness, Life is so unfair but friends like you make the ride less lonely. Hang in there for yourself and your friend.

  3. Oh no!!! How heart literally aches right now after reading this. I cannot even imagine. My prayers will be with them.


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