Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ten On Tuesday: FNL Leftovers

  1. I swear I get more done around the house when Hubby ISN'T home.  He likes to chill.  I want the house to not be a disaster.  This is a problem.  We need to discuss a plan for work/play at home.
  2. As of right now, I have spoken to the LL about possibly moving into a smaller place of his so that we are not delinquent in rent.  Earliest is a couple months out.  Hubby seems to be in denial. I think it's the best choice.  Which means we REALLY need to bust ass and start cleaning up, organizing, etc.  And STEAM CLEANING.  Yeah.  Puking animals.  Sigh. 
  3. Still no job for the Hubs.  He is applying multiple places every day.  So freaking hard.  And scary.
  4. As I am sick this week the whole crib thing has been momentarily abandoned.  But I need to go back to it.  Maybe.  How do I get him to sleep through the night without CIO method?  Or do I just give up and admit that my kid likes to eat round the clock even if he doesn't need to?  Help???  Please????
  5. I'm really not certain Baby 2.0 will ever happen.  Nor am I certain we can handle it if it does.  I mean seriously, daycare, exhaustion, sucky time management...and then I remember the vision I have of P playing with a younger sibling.  I hate this.  Right now...things are just grim.  Not trying to be a Debbie Downer...just trying to figure out our lives.
  6. I found our WTE The First Year book.  I started reading.  And then promptly freaked out, decided P was going to need physical therapy and that he is woefully behind, hit up Dr. Twitter, and have decided to never open that book again.  He will do things when he is ready. 
  7. I have been reading this book about a "free" school in England, which was a radical thing back in the day.  If you omit the parts about homosexuality (outdated viewpoint), he has some really interesting things to say.  It seems there are newer editions of this, and I should read one of them to see what they are doing in say, the most recent decade, instead of 1960.  But, this is part of what is causing my bipolar parenting issues.  He believes in rearing what he calls "free" children.  Meaning let them develop at their own pace.  No imposing one's own morals, etc.  Too much to explain here.  Anyway, point being, much of what he says is what I believe.  Unfortunately, too much outside influence makes me think I have lost my mind and SHOULD (didn't I write a post about this evil word???) crib train, etc.  This school and man are where the phrase "Free To Be Me" really originated.  He is worth a look for those of you alternative mamas and daddys. 
  8. So, based on that theory, he WILL sleep through the night WHEN HE IS READY.  Right?  I hope?  Please????
  9. We had a snowstorm over the weekend for those who were unaware of the freakish Halloween weather.  It was wet and nasty and many many people are still without power.  But I took some fun photos which I will post once I get a chance!!!
  10. I swear Pg people at my company follow me.  I always end up on a team full of preggos.  BUT it makes it easier that the one who sits next to me is a fellow RMA of PA grad.  I am happy for her. 
This post was supposed to be my FNL post...but I was miserably sick and didn't get it posted.  So you get it today.  MUAH HAHAHA. 

Go check out pics from my adorable kid playing with pumpkin seeds yesterday.  Seriously will make you smile.  Happy November!


  1. I perceive that a number of your issues will get resolved with hubby getting a job - time mgmt will improve, rent issue will get solved, sibling plan can come into place and there will be some spare lying around.

    My best wishes to your hubby for getting a new job quickly!

    Are you a preggo magnet? :-)

    That kid in the previous post is too cute!

  2. i think for some babies -- mine, for instance -- the sleep choices are CIO or saintly patience. i'm going for a mix of the two. (and for the record, when he's in our room, SO MUCH less sleeping happens, i can't even tell you.) we are nowhere near the magical land of sleeping through the night, but the little bits of CIO we've done to cut back on habitual night feedings (not eliminate, by any means) has been utterly worth it.

    then again, i'm also pretty in favor of imposing my morality on my kid, so there you are.

  3. Hi, long time reader, delurking to give you my two cents about the sleep issue. As long as you or our husband don't see it as an issue, it is not. We had to share our bed with our son for more then ten months. He was always a crappy sleeper, I love him to death, but this is the truth. At one point, he was waking every 40 minutes. I was lucky I was a SAHM. Still am, but that is beside the point.
    So yeah, it was tough. He is almost 15 mo. He started sleeping in his crib a month ago. Still wakes up during the night, sometimes once, sometimes twice, or even three times. BUT he falls asleep in his crib and only crawls to sleep with me in the morning ( his crib has three slates that come off and I fall asleep on the futon I placed near his crib, so he can come in and out as he pleases, being confined was a major issue).
    I did not do anything special than "grin and bear" . Cosleeping is so great, I miss is, but I know it's the way it goes. He learned to fall asleep by himself without me helping and he sleeps longer and in his crib and he does not fight is anymore. No one can say how long it takes, but it will happen for your son too.
    We tried CIO, and it was a disaster (crying, screaming for 2 hs, shaking, puking, never gonna go there again). If it works for Phelan, give it a try for at least three days. If you don't mind him in your bed, then, by all means, just do what you have to to get more sleep. He won't need you forever, no matter what everyone and their mother says.
    Best of luck.

  4. Effective time management, if I had a nickle for every time I accused somebody else of not having it I'd be rich, we'd all be rich.

  5. Ugh, the whole sleep training thing gave me such a headache. I was so caught up in listening to my friends and what was working for them and what I should or shouldn't be doing. All I knew was that I was freakin tired and I knew they were waking more for comfort than to eat (the 1st set of twins, anyway).

    The pedi we had at the time suggested giving them a bottle of water when they woke in the middle of the night. It wasn't a magic cure or anything but at some point they did stop waking too eat, probably figuring the water just wasn't worth it anymore.

    I did try the Ferber method which worked for one of them, the other not so much. It just made her more upset each time I checked on her. They shared a room...figures, right?

    My best advice....don't worry about what you think you SHOULD be doing based on what others are doing or what you read in books. Go with your gut. If you feel like he still needs to eat at night or just simply needs the comfort of knowing your nearby, there's nothing wrong with it!

  6. Hey there ... just adding my $.02 to the pot here ... but first, P is Just.So.Freakin'.Adorable!

    Now: sleep in the crib will happen when you're all ready. All of P's milestones will happen when he is ready. And in the meantime? You are being a loving parent, letting him know that he can trust you.

    And: I hope that the worries resolve themselves soon ... being out of work just plain sucks. Spoken as someone currently in that position ... *hugs* to you all.


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