Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Giveaway: Sweet Shop Tutus!

Tutus you say?  But Genevieve, you have a (not so) little boy!  Aha!  'Tis true!  But I DO have a niece.  And lots of "nieces".  Plus, you know, they are fun!  I know many of you are waiting for your own rainbow baby...but do you have nieces?  Or "nieces"? 

Niece recently turned 1.  Her "auntie" Missi made her her very own custom tutu, and she wore it with pride! 

Missi came up with the idea when she drew a blank on what to make for a friend's daughter for her 3rd birthday.  And thus, Sweet Shop Tutus was born.

Sweet Shop Tutus are all HANDMADE within 48 hours of  you placing your order, and can also be custom ordered in colors you want and the specific size you need!

She makes Halloween Tutus, as well as themed tutus for all major holidays going forward.  Not gonna lie...I want one.  Who knows when a tutu will come in handy???  I bet she could do a special order adult sized one....  Tempting, isn't it? 

And the cool thing is, she makes them for young girls, babies...whatever size you need.  I know Niece is going to have a bunch for dress-up. 

Maybe I will get a couple to keep on hand for when Niece visits, or other little girls.  Or boys, you know, who want to show their feminine side ;-)

Missi started this on a whim, and I know many of us are all about supporting our fellow crafters.  Missi is a photographer, a tutu maker, a mama, a wife...(maybe we can get her to blog!!!). 

So, anywho, I wanted to support Sister's best friend and amazing talent.  Not a tutu fan?  Perhaps you just need to figure out where to wear it so it is more you...such as:

I get to give one of you a tutu!  So excited about this!  The winner will get to choose a flavor (I love that they are flavors!) and size from her Sweet Shop.  Let's give Missi some love, and maybe a little one in your life, too.

Here's how to win:
  1. Leave me a comment with your favorite flavor from Sweet Shop Tutus (1 entry).
  2. Follow them on Twitter: @sweetshoptutus and let me know (1 entry).
  3. Follow them on FB: Sweet Shop Tutus and let me know (1 entry).
  4. Tweet about the giveaway! (1 entry per tweet) (Sweet Shop Tutu Giveaway!  Check it out!
Contest runs until the very end of the day on 10/27/11.  Good Luck!!!


  1. What a cute idea to name them as flavors. I am not a fan of tutus--but my daughter is! Raspberry Jelly Bean was my favorite flavor.

  2. Sorry, combined two I loved...Raspberry Sorbet and Jelly Bean...okay, I liked the dark colors a LOT!!

    Also will be liking them on Facebook.

  3. heck yeah! I love tutu's. I think there might even be a picture of me wearing one at festival last summer posted on my facebook page. good times! And if this little one growing inside turns out to be a girl, she is going to have SO many tutu's!

    what a fun contest !

  4. My favorite flavor is Raspberry Sorbet. thanks for the chance lovely lady!!

  5. Jelly bean is my absolute favorite!


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