Friday, October 21, 2011

FNL: Epic Fail

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  • Hubby's back couldn't take the driving, so they shipped him back to the school and sent him home. On our very thin dime.  After he had been a mere 2 hours from me the night before.  Yeah.
  • This is a VERY expensive CDL. 
  • I don't want to talk about money anymore.  Praying for a miracle.
  • This situation could very much so adversely affect our chances for Baby 2.0.  I also do not really want to talk about that too much.
  • It is weird to have him home after being alone for a month.  Like he is some stranger.  And then I feel guilty for that.  P and I had gotten into a routine. 
  • Please cross your fingers for a job for Hubby. 
  • Pumpkin patch take 2 is Sunday with Sister, Lil' Sis, and Littlest.  Along with Niece and P.  I am hoping for some awesome photos this time around!  
  • Did I mention it's weird having him home?  He did dinner and helped with dishes.  I have a little free time.  I am blown away by this.
  • Despite absolutely hating my job, I did kick ass last month, landing myself at #12 out of about 500 reps.  Don't worry, I'm blowing it again this month, LOL
  • I expected better tree porn this year, but all the storms are kinda wiping them out early.  Still loving the weather and it being my favorite season, I am a happy camper.  
  • P wants so badly to MOVE.  He wiggles, he squirms...he sometimes changes position a little from the wiggling, but no true forward motion.  He is also THISCLOSE to sitting on his own for more than a second or two.    He's growing sooo fast!  Where did my little peanut go?
That's me, in a nutshell...without being a total Debbie Downer.  Go check out Danifred for some more!


  1. Ugh, so sorry about all the stress. :( ;)

    Uh... tree porn?? (I initially thought it said free porn, which was just a whole other question entirely.)

  2. Petal, so sorry about DH, sending tons of positive thoughts. Fran

  3. Sorry to hear about the job situation. That just stinks- I'm thinking of you.

    I love that you called it "tree porn"!!!! So awesome.

  4. I am sorry the job didn't work out. Such stress:( I am having super positive thoughts that he finds something and that it is good, and is at a convenient location.
    Don't let yourself worry too much. I know it stinks right now, but things will work out.
    Your little Boy is precious! he is getting so strong, I bet he is gonna move, crawl around very soon! :)

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry about the job issue!! That really sucks. :( I hope something perfect comes up soon.

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for an awesome paying job and yeah... money, such an evil word.


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