Friday, October 14, 2011

FNL: This Week I Learned..

  • That you don't give the dog the center ham bone left from soup made with beans.  Don't do it.  Just. Don't.  Trust me.
  • That just because I made the decision to start P sleeping in his crib does NOT mean that my nights will be that much easier.  Most nights he ends up in bed with me at some point.  But ... many nights I am getting 4 hours straight at some point. 
  • That just when I think I've made a hard decision and I will get a break, things like not being able to pay rent happen.  Frosties are still in storage, but we owe - and I had to use the Frostie money toward rent.  Which I wasn't even able to pay all of.  Putting us that much further behind.  Holding on by a thread here.  Wondering if we will ever break even and be able to try to make another baby.
  • That I need to take care of myself better.  I am dehydrated, as evidenced by being sick much of Wednesday.  And I need to find time to eat.  A real meal.  Not a few bites here and there. 
  • That somedays I'm not so sure pursuing a 2nd child is a good idea.  I'm not so good at time management, etc.  I am already so overwhelmed.
  • That there are bandaids that will be unable to be pulled off without some form of tool.  Since I chewed off all my nails again.  That's okay, I like bandaids as fashion accessories.
  • That Hubby not being home means the zit on my arse is just getting worse and worse and I can't do a damn thing about it because I am not an orangutan with arms longer than my legs.
  • That sometimes I wonder if I can handle the daily assault on the emotions that this community brings.  The highs are REALLY high, the lows are so very low.  For someone like me who is already dealing with some bipolar issues, it can make or break my day hearing news.  But I am so much a part of it now.  I can't turn my back.
  • That I am braindead in the mornings at work.  And it makes me make mistakes.  Good thing I'm not a surgeon or something!
  • That my patience is very short these days.  Very short.  Very overwhelmed.  Tired.  Run down.  NO PATIENCE. 
I hope you all had a less stressful week than I did!

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  1. Why do we get zits on our butt anyways? I mean, seriously, what are they doing there? I hate butt zits and really just don't understand them at all. Especially the ones that hurt when you sit. Sorry to hear about your butt zit G.


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