Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shameless Plug - Help A Girl Out

So...March is looking to become a very big month in our life.  It's the month we began dating.  It's the month our son was born.  It will (knock on all those beautiful wood cabinets) also be the month we purchase a house.

Yup.  The offer is in. 

Now, we have 6 weeks to come up with $2000 more for closing and what not.  Ummm, yeah.  Nothing like pulling cash out of your hoo-ha.  My settlement is taking FOREVER.  I mean, maybe it will show up on time.  But I can't count on it. 

Please forgive me, ads will be showing up on here very shortly.  I gotta do something.  And, it seems, I am not above begging.  My mom, dad, sister, and MIL have contributed.  Next up are my step-mom and Hubby's brothers.  Desperate times, man.  We even pulled a loan from my 401K.  We owe money to taxes, so filing this year, anything extra goes to the fed.  Sigh. 

Which leads me to the shameless plug.  The reason we have to beg borrow money is that my settlement is S L O W L Y being processed.  We can pay it all back as soon as we receive it.  If ANY of you think you can spare a little, I would be ever so grateful to you for your assistance.  We all would.  If this falls through, well, we lose our animals and have to move in with my mom 45 minutes from our jobs.  Yup, I am shameless.  I have looked to you all for support before.  Now I am looking to you for a little temporary financial support so that we can move into a house and save ourselves some money. 

I know know know that this is a crap time for a lot of us.  I get that.  Still asking.  If you can, awesome.  If you can't, no worries.  Email me :-)



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