Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 On Tuesday: Chaos Reigns

  1. I am so behind on reading and catching up with you all it is pathetic.  I am sooooo sorry.  I do love you.  I really do.  But I have either been in pain or wanting to play with my son when I get home.  Because he is hysterical.
  2. My back pain is under control!!  Poor man's solution: massage chair at work and a great stretch I found.  Good thing because I nearly went to the ER last week for it!
  3. House needs to be rewired.  We asked the seller for money to fix it.  Cross your fingers.  We will hear Friday or so whether they accept our request or not.  Luckily Frog and his brother do the electrician thing.  But there will be no gaming for Hubby until it's completed.  Teehee. 
  4. Addendum to Monday: my car is dead.  DOA.  We have been wondering about my coolant and oil issues for a while.  Last night Hubby realized the two fluids are getting it on, playing swapsies.  What does this mean?  Blown Head Gasket.  Awesome timing car, thanks.  Sigh.
  5. Hubby's part time job is hopefully starting tomorrow.  A full-time one is on the horizon...which is problematic with the whole car thing...Sigh.
  6. P is gaining skills sooooo quickly!  Besides the rolling he began spinning on his belly to change direction.  Last week, the day after first tooth, he finally figured out army crawling, though he still uses rolling for most movement.  His army crawl looks like an inchworm moving, LOL. He now throws temper tantrums for items dropped, out of reach, or taken away.  Complete with hands banging on whatever is available.  It's hard not to laugh.
  7. Packing is...well, not so great.  I really need to get on that.  There is a lot that cannot be packed until closer to the move date, but a lot that can be.  I just am a lazy bum.  And I fear the sale not happening.  But either way, we are out.  So realistically, I have to buck up and JUST DO IT.  I hate packing. 
  8. Lowes is EVIL.  I went in to price the parts needed for rewiring the house.  I came out with the house redesigned.  Flooring, the counters in the kitchen.  Paint chips.  Information for paint finishes (crackle paint anyone???)  Oh...It was bad.  I completely forgot about fencing!  But I could have spent hours there making plans.  Note: if you are a new homeowner, leave your wallet in the car.  Thankfully, I know we have no money and resisted.  But can you say terracotta and glass counters/backsplash with crackle paint cabinets??  Oh, yes, you can!
  9. I meant to post this yesterday.  You know, on TUESDAY, but I got home and well....that didn't happen.  P is very clingy when I get home usually.  Which is another reason for #1. 
  10. Our streak of luck has seemingly ended.  Please please please let one of these jobs pan out for Hubby.  Please.
The good news is that it isn't actually Tuesday anymore!  Which puts us one more day closer to the weekend.  Sorry if I confused you.  Tee hee.


  1. The home repairs happen very slowly. We've lived in our home for three years now and still have a long list of projects we'd like to tackle.

  2. I really really really hope one of the jobs works out for your hubby!!!

    Lowes and Home Depot are dangerous places for me. I always get a ton of ideas when I go there. I could seriously spend hours at either of those stores and never get bored.

  3. It's taken us 10 years to fix some of the things in our house. And, we're still NOWHERE near done! And, yes, Home Depot and Lowes can just about kill you!!

    I really hope the jobs work out soon so some of the rest of it all will be a bit less stressful.


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