Thursday, February 9, 2012

The One Where I Find A Tooth

Mark this date.

Feb 9, 2012.  First tooth.

How we had no idea he was teething is miraculous to me.  He has been his usual chipper self with the now occasional temper tantrum when something is taken away from him or he drops it.  The past few nights were a little more restless than recently, but given his sleep history, nothing strange.  I have been feeling his gums for weeks.  This afternoon I did my usual check and much to my surprise I felt something!  Holy Shit!  We have a tooth.  Bottom right (his, not yours).

My kid is so amazeballs that we didn't even know we were expecting teeth.  I have a great kid.

It's all downhill change city from here on out!

Guess I have to stop calling him "Toothless" now, huh?  Bummer...I liked that nickname.  


  1. We've had that happen a couple of times. No sign of a tooth, no fussing and then all of a sudden WHAM! Then there are other times when there's no sign of a tooth, but she's obviously hurting, and it seems to take ages for the tooth to finally make an appearance.

    Hoping that all the rest of his teeth come through as easily!

  2. We have the same experience as Mrs. Gamgee! The first two (together) we had no idea, now this last one was really painful for him for days and we knew it (drooling like a camel, never did that before, baboon-bum, feverish and waking up crying in pain for an hour or so).
    Lets hope the next one is an easy one! We have six now (4 top and the two bottom ones).
    Love, Fran

  3. Impressive! HOpe they all come through this easily!

  4. Have you seen that cartoon How To Train Your Dragon? Anyway, there's a toothless there too. Moon still only has 2 teeth but Sun has 7, lol. Congrats on the house, what an awesome big kitchen!!!


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