Sunday, February 5, 2012

Excitement, Gratitude, Fear

We are quite excited to announce that A: Thanks to some dear friends and family, we have raised the funds necessary to make it through closing, which B: will be on March 16, assuming that C: we actually make it all the way through to closing and get the full apprval for the mortgage because D: the offer was accepted.  As my realtor said:

"They accepted your offer.  It looks like you are buying a house!!!!"

Holy shit.  That is my response.

Thank you all so much for your input, support, and help (and really, not just on guys always give me great advice!).  Keep those fingers crossed...still have a hurdle in front of us!

Now I'm all into looking up how to put up a fence, what kind of fence we want, being shocked at the cost of said fence, and being excited that we have these things to consider.  And paint.  OMG, paint.  I am researching faux finishes, and considering colors.  And how to refinish hardwood floors.  I am so excited.  Excited to not feel terrible about drilling a hole in the wall.  Excited to PAINT THE WALLS!  Excited to no longer have roommates.  Seriously.  Done with that!

Oh, wow...March is turning into a big month for us.  Closing on the house on the 16th, moving on the 17th (St. Patty's day and our 5 year Dateiversary), and P's 1st birthday on the 20th!  I see drunk movers...EEP!  Last time we moved it turned into an all night party...oh, boy was that next day rough, LOL. 

You guys, we are BUYING A HOUSE!  What????  Wow....

Why does this feel more adult that having a child?  Whatever the reason, I have not been this stressed out since IVF 2 years ago.  Not quite 2 years ago. 

Keep sending those well wishes our way! 

And just in case you missed last week's post, here is our house-to-be!  Check out that kitchen!!!!  Woot!


  1. That's truly fab news!! Really happy for you and the house looks just perfect! On top of this you know, our wedding anniversary is on the 17th of March too! 5 years too! Cant wait to see how you will transform that house into your home! Much love, Fran

  2. I'm so happy for you!!! March is going to be a GREAT month for you! Jay and I will be celebrating our 6th anniversary on March 17th too! We re-did the hardwood floors in our house, it's VERY dusty! We rented the sanders and then clear coated them all over Christmas break one year. Good luck!!!!

  3. CONGRATS!!! And I love that kitchen! Those old-fashioned cabinets are my FAVE!!!!!!!!!!! (jealous!)

  4. That is a HUGE kitchen!!! Congrats on your lovely new house! Like I said last time, it's about time you guys had some good stuff come your way!

    Choosing paint was one of my favourite parts of buying our place. I spent ages in our local Home Depot comparing paint chips.

    Praying that the rest of the process goes smoothly for you!

  5. Fantastic! Congrats! Sorry for not contributing but gotta save for the threebies. So pleased for you. xxxx

  6. Yay!!!! Congratulations!!! I know, owning a house makes you feel like such a grown-up!!!

    It looks fabulous!! If you want more ideas of projects you can do, check out Though it's pretty addicting, just like Pinterest is! We're adding on to our home right now and I've found a ton of ideas on that site!


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