Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PYHO: I Am Not Super Human. Or A Genius.

Interestingly, my dear friend Di posted something similar to this the other day, just when I was considering it myself.  Great minds, I tell ya.

When my sister (or others) find themselves facing an injury...they call me.  Or text me.  Or what-have-you.  Because I am accident prone, and chances are, I've done it or know what it could be.  So, should you be dealing with an unknown pain, I am your person.  A dubious honor.  At best.  But, given my prowess at self-diagnosis, perhaps an accurate honor. 

Have random ingredients in your cupboards/fridge/freezer and need ideas?  Call.  Text.  You get the idea.  Because I am the motherfucking QUEEN of random meals.  I will accept this not-as-dubious honor.  But really, I do have REAL culinary skills. I just don't have the money to practice them.  Confession: many things I try come from seeing a recipe somewhere and rigging it to be the way I want.  Or going with gut instinct.  I promise, I really don't have original ideas much.

I had a rough pregnancy.  That I loved every minute of.  But rough nonetheless.  This apparently makes me a pregnancy expert.  My smile remaining in place through 6+ months of puking, etc, apparently also makes me tough.  I have had (fertile) women tell me that if they'd gone through that sort of morning sickness that kids 2-x would never have happened.  Must be a nice luxury.  I am not tough.  No more than any other woman.  I am not super human.  I simply adored the miracle inside me, and suffering for that child, well, that's what parenthood is about, right? 

Related: being open about Infertility, rough pregnancies, making baby food, horrid breast feeding troubles...etc etc etc - these all make me an EXPERT.  I assure you.  I am not.  I am bungling through most of these things with the rest of you.  I just share.  A lot.  Sometimes a little too much. 

But, I have to say...the confidence these women (and occasionally men) show in me humbles me.  And if only they realized how often I turn to YOU, the other super human geniuses in my life for support, help, ideas...That's what makes us Super Human.  Or Genius.  Or Expert.  We ask, and let ourselves be asked.  We keep the communication open. 

So maybe I am those things.  Maybe we all are.  If we allow ourselves to be.  If we open ourselves up to BE that for someone else.  Perception is a huge thing.  We can be what people perceive, if we choose.  I think that this applies not only to the negative perceptions (fine, that's what they think I am?  I'll just be that then.), but to the positive. 

So accept the compliments.  Recognize the honor behind the questions or statements.  BE Super Human.  BE a Genius.  BE the Expert.  Be YOU.  If that's who you are.

Today I am pouring my heart out with Shel over at Things I Can't Say.


  1. Since you've been so open about it all, they just know that you are someone they can talk to. xo

  2. You make such an excellent point! I often get annoyed with friends and family members who call with random questions but I guess I should see it more as an honor that they trust my opinion (or expertise) as much as they do.

    Plus, it does feel good to be needed.


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