Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holiday Cards!

This year I get to be that person who takes a family photo, puts it on a cute card, and mails it to everyone.  Kind of a dream come true!

Now I have to choose which one!  I will be going with Shutterfly this season.  They have soooo many to choose from

I don't do religious, and am trying to avoid specific Christmas ones, so here are some of the ones I am considering.

Nice and simple, right?

I like this because it is all-encompassing!

Very generic...lots of photo ops!

This is sooooo me!  Very tempting.

I could go on for ages.  There are folding cards, stationary cards, and the ones I showed.  I like these because I don't have to do much.  Yes, I'm lazy.  Not gonna lie.  No, I'm busy.  Yeah, that sounds better.

I think I may choose 2...

As part of our Holiday gift-giving rules, we try to stick to simple.  As well as things based on a Christmas poem Sister found that allows for giving something in each of the 4 categories: Need, Eat, Play, Read.  In that spirit, I think I may do one of these for a couple people for play.

OR cards.  And for need?  Well, hey, I have a number of cooks in the family...I think they NEED one of these: a personalized apron!

Shutterfly has TONS of personalized photo gifts. 

Yes, I am shamelessly showing off my kid to everyone.  So mayhaps they need one of these?


Yeah.  There is a lot to choose from.  In fact, I am a little overwhelmed.  So I'm off to peruse the cards listed as specifically Holiday Cards to get myself into more trouble. 

Check 'em out guys.  Plenty to choose from.  Happy Holiday Shopping!

**I was compensated 25 cards for this review, but all opinions and statements are mine alone. 


  1. I think you're definitely owed the privilege of showing P off! He's a doll! Who wouldn't want him gazing out over their holiday celebrations =D

    I love all the cards you picked! Good luck choosing! I don't think I'd be able to. I love Shutterfly! We're going to use them when we send out cards about our adoption addition, but I generally try to make our Christmas cards. I'm looking forward to it this year....It's going to be fun!

  2. I'm using Shutterfly too! I used them for Christmas Cards last year and for Jellybean's birth announcements. They are great!

  3. So, I've had this pile of unopened holiday cards from last year sitting on my fridge for, well, all year! It was self preservation after the breakdown I had the year before when I opened perfect cards of perfect families that i wanted so badly. My dear sister, in her perfect logic, gave me permission to leave the cards unopened in a pile, instead of continuing to call her in hysterics everyday afterwork when I opened a new one. I finally sat down last week and opened them all :) They were beautiful. Of all the things I am excited about this year, being able to send our very own family holiday card is at the top of the list.

    Costco has some pretty nice, affordable, options too :)

    Have fun choosing!


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