Friday, November 11, 2011

FNL: The OMG I Am So Behind Edition

I will be linking up with Danifred this week, and it's a good thing...I am so freaking behind on things!

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  • I am soooo far behind on blogs, Twitter, etc.  I had to wipe out my reader.  I'm so sorry you guys.  I have been reading what I can and unfortunately, commenting even less.  I'm not sure what my problem is.  I have been in a major slump.  Like the don't want to get out of bed kind.  Honestly, if P wasn't here, I'm not sure I wouldn't be off the deep end right now.  He is my motivation.
  • Hubby briefly had a job...and then it turned out they lied, it wasn't a delivery job.  It was a door-to-door sales job.  Yeah, not so much.
  • He does have what we hope is a real job interview today.  Fingers crossed.
  • I had a horrendous discussion with my mom and step-dad re: baby 2.0.  I know they were speaking out of concern, but I ended up feeling like they think we are completely bonkers for wanting to shoot for #2.  It ended with me in tears and drinking far more wine than I should have.
  • I stopped pumping entirely, and P pretty much refuses to nurse most of the time.  Maybe once a day, and very rarely both sides.  Le sigh. 
  • 21.25 lbs.  PORKER.  'Nuff said.
  • We had to get a bigger non-infant carseat.  We were able to afford 1 cheap one.  For Christmas my mom got us a Britax convertible to 65 lbs model.  Yay!  We couldn't have put out the money for that right now.  I can't believe he is this big!
  • Dec 4 begins my new shift (we "realign" every 6 months).  I am keeping the 5:50-2:20 shift, but different days off because I liked the supervisor better.  While this shift means more time with P (which is why I do it), I am exhausted, I have no time alone with Hubby as I go to bed with P, and I dream of a "normal" schedule some day.  But this works best from a Mommy perspective.  And that is what matters. 
  • I am trying to make as many gifts as possible this year....and it is STILL too much money :-(  Le sigh.  But, I like doing it this way.  I feel a sense of accomplishment.  Hubby has pretty much no input, but then again, he doesn't usually. 
  • P is either teething or getting an ear infection.  I'm afraid to wait until Monday if it turns out it is an ear infection.  Sitter thinks teething.  Looks like we are leaning that direction. I'm not ready for teething.  I want goofy toothless grins forever.  Shit, I'll get him dentures so he can eat food.  He is growing up too fast.  I need time to JUST. SLOW. DOWN.
  • One day I will get fired for telling a customer to shut the fuck up.  I am THISCLOSE.


  1. Right now it seems awful the timing and the guilt that your attention is only on P and so on. Even though it does feel nice to reconnect with your husband once in a while, right now your son needs you more, I think. Time flies and then he's not going to want all of your attention anymore and you'll wonder what the heck happened. Enjoy it now, it flies by faster than one realises. You know how they say that the days and nights are long, but the years short? Those bloody fools were right! Make sure you're on the same page with hubs and then get back to sniffing sweet baby scalp.
    Sorry for the nursing, it blows that it did not work out the way you wanted.
    Good luck to our husband, may he find something great soon.

  2. quick thoughts bc i am also not doing so well w the blogs:

    - sorry about the nursing slowdown. hormones, guilty feelings (maybe you're not having those, in which case, good!), all that. yuck. a good number of babies do just wean themselves before a year, though. it's like they don't care what the AAP says.

    - i wonder if less nursing = fewer happy hormones is partly responsible for feeling kind of blue now. certainly dropping feedings screwed up my sleep from loss of the oxytocin mellow. something to think about; disregard if unhelpful.

    - i was so not ready to lose the gummy smile, but now i think the teeth are ADORABLE. bet you will too. (for example: )

    - if everyone waited until the perfect time to have kids, we'd die out. got to balance needs and desires, but key is balance, yeah?


  3. I hope this new interview works out for your hubby! And, I hope your schedule works out and you're feeling better soon. Many ((hugs)).

  4. Sorry about the job situation. That just sucks. I think that if you feel like it's time for baby 2.0, then go for it. There will never be THE perfect time.


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