Friday, November 25, 2011

FNL: Thanksgiving Edition

  • We survived Turkey Day.  P refused to eat or sleep all day.  Awesome.  He is totally out of whack.  Hoping he gets back to normal today.
  • My dad is pushing for us to move to Vermont when he goes.  Part of me is not so much against this.  I would love for P to grow up in a rural New England setting...lots to consider.
  • Still no driver's license for Hubby = still no job.  We are PISSED.  And he is so frustrated.  He wants to work.  And we REALLY need him to work.  Apparently he can have the BMV for IN fax an affadavit of some sort to the DMV for PA and hopefully get his license transferred that way.  It's that or drive to IN for a replacement.  Not really a financially great thing to do.  *pulls hair out in frustration*
  • New schedule starts 12/4 - because my days off change from S/M off to F/S off I will be working 10 days straight.  Shoot me now!
  • Oooh!  Our Christmas gift from my mom arrived - a Britax Roundabout 55.  It is HUGE.  And cozy.  And doesn't slip all over the place.  Here is my question: since 1 year is the minimum for rear-facing, but longer is recommended, what the hell do I do with the fact that his feet are already at the edge of the seat?  Do I just kind of let him scrunch up his legs?  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  • I have some hysterical videos of P - I will try to get them posted this weekend.  I need to upload them first.  He is such a goof :-) 
  • We have decided we ARE doing a tree this year, though there won't be much under it.  But I think he is old enough to be fascinated by it :-)  Not huge, and it's not going up for a couple more weeks.  I hate dealing with the never-ending pine needles!
  • Still no teeth, no crawling (he can get up on his arms, or he can get his butt up, but not both, LOL).  No urge to stand or pull-to-standing.  Totally okay with my lazy baby :-)  Dreading child-proofing!  And chasing.  The poor animals are doomed once that starts!
  • I decided just now to take a day off in the 10 day stretch.  So I will only do 7 days straight.  I can make it.  *Gulp*
  • As usual, there was more on my mind, none of which I can remember, so I leave you here to enjoy the rest of your (hopefully) long weekend (I don't have one). 



    If your car seat is rated to 25 lbs rear facing, no matter how long he gets (in the legs, check at the top of his head though; each seat is different), then keep him rear facing in that seat til 25 lbs. Scrunched up legs are fine. He needs to be rear facing until at least one year old. They just don't have the head control to sit front facing and they are in a much better position to survive any incident if they are rear facing.

    Petite was rear facing until one year and three months. I held off as long as I could. Her legs were scrunched up. But she was still within the categorical limits for rear facing and I know it's much, much safer for her. Hell, if I could sit her rear facing now, I would.

    Trust me. REAR FACING is the way to go. I can give you the contact info for a car seat specialist... who will tell you exactly the same thing. Guaranteed. /nod nod

  2. We also have a Britax, since George outgrew the shell carseat since he was five months old. But we still squished him in there for at least another couple of months. Ours is only front facing, so that is it. We got it after extensive research, and the German ped association says it's fine, and they have taken the no speed limit on highway in consideration, so it's fine for us too.
    Sorry for the many working days ahead. I hope they pass easier than you expect.
    Couldn't get to the post office, it's been quite a mess of my plans, but I will get to it next week.
    Hope P is back to his routine. For both your sake. :-)

  3. I hope your hubby's drivers license gets taken care of soon! How frustrating!

    New England is tempting...hubs wants us to move there to be closer to his family as well!

  4. I lucked out and got a Britax seat as well from Fairyeggs. I'm planning on keeping him rear facing as long as possible after watching the scary video about neck injuries versus leg injuries. Yeah. Scared the beejeezus out of me. Anyway, I've just been tucking E's legs into a comfy position which is usually knees bent and out, feet touching in center. I think he'll be sitting cross legged soon.

  5. Hi sweetie, long time no chat! So first of all I'm really sorry about hubby's situation, it's so so frustrating. Hopefully it'll be sorted out any day now. And poor you and the new shift! You can do it.
    On the carseat, I do think it'll be fine, P will keep his knees a bit bent anyway, and he'll love to kick the back of the seat!
    Oliver is a bit older (11 months on the 1st of Decemeber!) and also has no teeth! He can crawl but mostly goes commando style and for the last couple of weeks he started pulling himself up (and falling if looses the grip!). It won't be long for P now!
    Much love, Fran

  6. I so hope you get things figured out with the Hubby's job situation soon. It's got to be infuriatingly frustrating.

    Good luck with the new schedule!


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