Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Tisket, A Tasket

P was due on Easter Sunday last year.  Which was 2 weeks later than this year.  On this date a year ago, P's IVF twin was born. So Happy Birthday to Bryan!

About this time last year we did P's newborn photos.  Remember this goodie:

He could fit into that Easter basket.

Here is that Easter basket in comparison now: did that happen?  I may or may not have cried my eyes out at Kmart the other day when I was looking at this year's selection remembering my itty bitty baby.  Who now crawls like a big boy, is pulling himself up, thinks we are his own personal jungle gym, says Mama and Dada, and is going to be in peewee football by the time he is 2 if he keeps growing like this!

Anywho, Happy Easter from all of us!!!

*Note: I took all but that first photo myself.  I highly recommend Camera360 for Android :-)


  1. Awww, he is so precious. You are such an amazing mom. He is doing so amazing. Love those eggs. maybe you could give me some dying egg pointers.

  2. Awwww, those pics are so cute. He's such a doll, G! Hope you kids had a nice weekend!

  3. OMG, I want to just pinch him!!!! He's so adorable!!!

    So hard to believe how little he was when you compare him to that Easter basket!!!


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