Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This is turning into not such a good week in our little world.  Not here at my house.  I mean in the world of IF.  And I feel that I must pass along the names/sites of these lovely ladies who are having so much pain.  We need to lift them up.  Please go visit them, give them a kind word, send your positivity out across the interwebs...

BroodyIVFMummy got a postive beta last week, and miscarried this week.  She had just long enough to get excited before disaster hit.  Please go give her some love.

Jer and Carey are one couple.  Two blogs.  This week she had to deliver her triplet boys at 22 weeks after the water broke on Baby A.  2 were born alive, and they were able to hold their babies for a bit before they passed, but this is just tragic.  They could really use our support this week.

Arohanui just found out after numerous IVF cycles that the reason she has not had any success is that her DS will not fertilize her eggs, and they discovered it too late for ICSI.  What a hard hit!!!

BuiltInBirthControl had to deliver her twin girls at 22 weeks.  For the 2nd time in as many years.  Not once.  Twice.  I can't even imagine the heartache.

@MaternalTurtle (Twitter handle) lost her baby this last week at 15 weeks, and had to undergo surgery today to terminate the pregnancy.  She is devastated, understandably.

The others have Twitter handles as well, but figured you all could hit them up on their blogs.

My heart is broken.  For 2 days now I have done nothing but thank the Powers That Be for my miracle, for my body responding to meds and keeping him in long enough, for the luck bestowed on us by the IF Gods.  I honestly cannot imagine what these ladies and gentlemen are going through.  I can barely stand it.  It honestly is most likely going to affect our decision regarding our Frosties....but that is a post for another day.   Right now we all need to focus on these families, their grief, and do anything we can to help them through it.  I know many of you have experienced losses like this...please be a source for them as others were for you.

And go cherish what you can in your life...


  1. thoughts and prayers are with all your friends and with you. {{{Hugs}}}

  2. Hey G, The heartbreak is just too much somedays. You know. It is just impossible to think that there can be so much pain and grief and loss among some of the most wonderful people. Thank you for being here for these friends of ours. For holding them, and loving them. Augusta's recent loss really shook me to the core. I am finding it hard enough to believe that this pregnancy is real, and to think that it might end, well, I just can't even begin to grasp that concept.
    Much love to you and the little bean. xoxo - Foxy

  3. Kakunaa, it seems Wednesday and Thursday were a whiplash!

    I so know ALL the stories you are speaking of, and I discovered most of the bad news on either their blogs or their tweets.

    It is horrible.

  4. Shit! I feel for these ladies, and my heart aches for them all. I follow BIBC and I don't have the words to say on her blog. This just sucks and it isn't fair.

  5. Thanks for posting this. Hope all is well!

  6. thanks for sharing this, I will definitely go and support those ladies. It's beyond heartbreaking.

  7. Oh my gosh - what heartbreak. I cry and grieve for them. I also hug my blessing a little closer too.

  8. I am so sorry to read what's happened to each of these heart goes out to them and I literally have tears in my eyes after reading this.

    I'll definitely show my support for them. Just so sad that each of them has been devastated like this.


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