Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Trying To Get Back In The Swing

I was so proud of myself for posting TWICE last week...and then I failed horridly this week again. So this is me jumping back in for yet another attempt.

  • I downloaded Google Reader to my phone - so now rest assured I AM reading.  I may not be commenting, but I'm sneaking in time to read
  • My goodness, I suck at my job. I didn't used to suck.  It's like I just don't care anymore.  Well, I didn't care before, but now I REALLY don't care.  I just want to be home with my Peanut.
  • I have realized that BF has it's downsides, besides my production frustration.  Hubby can't take nighttime feedings, etc.  It's all mom, all the time.  So he ends up getting to spend time with him primarily when he is in a good mood, and I get him all the rest.  Which isn't entirely just feels like it sometimes.  
  • He is flying into milestones..."talking" some now, especially at his ladybug on his play mat.  Kicking and waving his arms.  The silly faces of course continue.  Focusing on specific things, including me and Hubby.  Still not a terribly smiley baby...once in a while.  Punk.
  • P and I are sharing a cold.  Grrrr.
  • He is (sometimes) sleeping longer periods at night, but still mostly only if in bed with me.  
  • I can't believe he is 12 weeks old, just shy of 3 months!  How did that happen???
  • I think I may do a blog of daily photos...or maybe turn the other blog into that since I've been failing miserably at doing that one anyway.  But pictures of my kiddo?  Oh, hell, yeah, that I can manage, LOL.  In which case, do I delete what was on there and start from scratch?  Thoughts? Ideas?
  • We have another horrid loss this week: @turtledovin had to deliver her twin girls early this week at just over 20 weeks due to an illness that caused pre-term delivery.  If you are on Twitter, please go give her some love.  Thanks guys. 
  • P is now 8.5 lbs even.  That's a weight gain of about 4oz per week, which is fine.  So I am feeling better about my teeny guy.  STILL in newborn clothes 3 days shy of 3 months, LOL.  Talk about getting use out of baby clothes!!!  Unheard of!
  • Trying out 3 different types of gas meds...I will let you know the outcome.  
  • Got the coolest thing today.  It's a mini-bottle for dispensing meds up to 3 tsp.  See, some don't come with droppers, and those medicine spoons work for shit if your babe is still not on solids.  this is a LIFE SAVER.  Highly recommended.  
  • We are switching out of gDiapers....though at this rate he will be in this size for months and months, so I'm probably going to start building the alternate stash now to save us money.  We realized we were spending more than standard diapers.  I like them, but I would also like to save money.  
  • I have my first snap peas on the vines!  And peppers starting to form!  I have to do a post about the transformation of our yard.  It's simply amazing!
  • I need to start looking for a new job...that or accept the fact that I may be fired.  If it's not for some horrid reason, it could be worth it to collect unemployment...but benefits are kinda important.  I used to be good at the job I hate.  Now I just plain suck.
  • My thyroid levels came back normal - I had them tested at my yearly exam.  (BTW, having your PAP and breast exam done while holding a screaming baby is a new experience!), so I can't blame milk production on that.  My GP is unfamiliar with domperidone, so is referring me back to my GYN for that...however, since P is gaining, I'm debating it.  It's just that I will never totally be able to get him off of formula with what I produce.  I produce ENOUGH, but not extra.  Not remotely.  But he is almost exclusively on breast milk at home now, which is cool.  Another week and he should be completely weaned off formula at home.
  • I never thought I would be someone to simply throw a receiving blanket or towel down after a diaper blowout, LOL.  Yup, I sleep in pee.  Oh, well.  
  • P has a sort of schedule now---sort of.  In that we get up about the same time (on work days), he eats, fusses for a few minutes, then "plays" (i.e. stares at things, makes faces at them, and kicks and wiggles) (the ladybug on his Gymini is his best friend these days) until he is bored.  Then the swing, if he is still in play mode, then a nap.  Now, lately, he will only nap if on me or Hubby, at least to start.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  It's actually nice.  I can get things done while he plays.  
  • HE STILL HAS THRUSH.  'nuff said.  
  • We are sharing a cold back and forth.  Blows.  I get the worst of it.  Grrrrr.  
  • Oh!  I figured out how to have a drink and not affect my supply, LOL.  Start a beer right when he starts nursing.  Doesn't affect that milk.  Effects wear off before next feeding.  This makes for a happy mama :-)  
  • I had to start my Ativan again because of work.  Sigh.  But infrequently.  Don't want to mess with P too much.  
  • Speaking of P, he is asleep on a boob and it's time to get him and myself into bed...
Happy weekend all!  Official start of summer next week!  Woohoo!


  1. so, i totally think that you should turn your other bluff into a picture a day of your lil guy. Keep whats there, and just start adding the awesomeness that is phalen.

    Sucks about work sucking so much. Remember that you can be denied unemployment if you get "fired". and also double check on the way that they calculate your amount of benefit. I remember it being a little funny, and if you are paying attention you can eek out a little more if you time your separation from employment right.

    My massage therapist suggested that I get my husband trained in infant massage, as a way for him to be able to connect with the baby, and have some tools to offer comfort to an upset baby. It sounded so sweet the way she described it.

    Oh yes, I had to add that in our area water is limited and always in rationing, whereas we have tons of excess landfill space. So it is technically more environmental to use disposables. (if you are evaluating water use vs landfill debris. There are there factors to consider, but I limited my research to what I needed to justify our choice to use disposables!!!)

    love to see your posts, when you have time! xoxo

  2. All I saw was beer, lol. Yes please!

  3. Glad to see you back :)

    Sounds like Peanut is growing well even if he is still a little guy.

    Thrush SUCKS!

    Send my love and support out to @turtledovin

  4. I had a vaginal ultrasound with a scared 30 lb toddler on my chest. Not an experience I thought I'd ever have. Hope your cold goes away. Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Wow, so much going on!!

    Glad things are mostly good! I'd love to see pics on the other blog of the little Peanut!! :)

  6. I feel like I have so much to say right now!
    1 - i had the worst.job.ever, then they fired me and it was aweful until I realized how awesome it was. If you want to talk out the "what-if" scenarios, let me know. I was in teh same health insurance boat as well...

    2 - itty bitty peanut! but YAY for growing :)

    3 - we had that same medicine dispenser and it ROCKED MY WORLD since G needed daily meds


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