Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: I'm Alive!!!

Hey, it's my Friday, that counts, right?  Well, it has to.

  • I suck.  I will say it out loud.  I keep trying to fit blogging into my schedule and I am failing miserably.  Which is sad, because I'm not even working full time!  I promise to do better...I know I have missed A LOT!!!
  • I am alive.  I promise.  This going back to work thing has really thrown a wrench in my flow.  And it turns out that 4 months off did NOT help my performance any.  Le Sigh.
  • The sperm bank sends me emails about specials and newsletters.  Seriously, I'm not sure which is funnier, the fact that I get emails from a sperm bank, or the fact that they run specials.  LOL.  
  • I have FINALLY gotten a couple smiles from P, but not in about a week now.  I swear, he is teasing me.  He is VERY I was as a baby.
  • AWESOME site for BF'ing: - a woman at work with whom I pump directed me there.  It makes me feel better, because apparently I pump what is normal, and all of you 4oz and up people are over-producers.  This doesn't really stop the frustration, but at least I know that I'm not really UNDER-producing.
  • Fenugreek is cool - if I forget deodorant (allllll the time) it is okay because I smell like pancakes :-)
  • If I am lucky, I put my hair back in clips, brush my teeth, shower, and manage deodorant all in the same day.  That's an AMAZING day.  
  • My nails are a mess.  I had them done while PG and then removed.  They were growing out and with the baby, I can't stand to deal with them, so I'm damn near biting them again.  In lieu of that I obsessively trim them.  I'm considering having them done again, but I wash them so frequently I think it's a bad idea.  But it would make me feel like less of a frump, ya know?
  • I am shocked at how well I can function on only a few hours of sleep with NO caffeine.  But I am EXHAUSTED all the time.  
  • Still co-sleeping. I gave up.  Fuck it.  If it means I get more sleep, so be it.
  • P is acting just like he should for his ADJUSTED age, which is reassuring....but man I want smiles. kid CRIES when I walk in the door.  Because he wants me, but still....
  • Things here at the house have been tense.  I made a social networking faux pas.  But it seems to be better.  And our yard is looking FANTASTIC!  I have to get photos for you guys!  It's tiny, but it looks sooooo much better.  
  • Have I mentioned I am exhausted, LOL.  And I wouldn't change it for a minute.
  • I miss you guys, though.  Must get back into reading up on everyone.  I feel soooo out of the loop.  
  • I know there was more...but see 2 bullet points up - I can't remember ANYTHING.
  • Oh, I know.  I have not lost any weight since that first full week home.  I am curvy. I gave in and bought pants.  Curves it is.  It will come off or it won't.  Who knows.


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, you are doing great and every baby is different, your one doesn't smile much but rolls! Mine smiles and doesn't roll! One day they'll both smile while rolling!
    big hugs sweetie

  2. Curvy or straight, you are beautiful.

    Sleep is highly over-rated...LOL.

    Welcome back!

  3. Even though I know what's up with u I love reading your updates! I am even further behind so don't feel bad. Curves are awesome, I.e Beyonce..:) take care

  4. Glad to hear fro you but totally understand why you're not able to update!!

    Too funny about the sperm bank. And, VERY weird!

  5. Eh, if you can't update coz a lovely little boy tires you, we do pardon you! :-)

    Seriously, it is no reason to be apologetic.

    I was smiling at the 'specials' that the sperm bank intimates...

    You take care and be good.

  6. I have been a bad blogger too - heck I moved my blog! haha. Glad to hear things are going well - it's amazing how much time they take up isn't it?


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