Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Trashy to Green and Thriving

We rent half of a duplex, and our LL is a lazy fuck.  The yard SUCKED - a LOT.  Now, we don't plan on being here forever, but there is a solid chance it will be at least another year.  Either way, we couldn't stand having a useless yard, small though it was.  So...we transformed it :-)  And now it's respectable.  There are a couple small things left to complete, but what we've done is beautiful.

This is the start...Nasty bushes, and there was a GIANT rusted metal pole
behind where I took the photo, and MORE bushes.  The grass was mostly
dead or in bunches.

This is now!  Plants in the side bed, sunflowers and others
coming up in the front bed, and vines starting to grow up
to cover the old fence we installed.  (Well, Hubby and friends).

This is Part I of the garden...cukes, zucchini,
yellow squash, and herbs.

Part II - bell peppers and a variety of hot peppers!

So, that's how you garden with a tiny yard!  The yard is separated into grassy area, and bbq/dog area by that fence.  The back fence was put together from the recycled weird stuff that formally was the walkway.

Even if we ARE renting, I would much rather enjoy the space.  I think the LL should pay US for making it look habitable, LOL.


  1. Back when we were renting our landlord actually discounted our rent by $200 one month just because we always kept the yard and house looking so nice. I'm pretty sure he was able to rent the house for more then we were paying when we moved out because of all the improvements we made to the home.

  2. Veryy nicely done! That really looks great!

  3. Wow. I commend you. You did a phenomenal job. And with a baby to boot? Girl, you're a rock star. Can I hire you to do my yard next?! :)

  4. Wow, y'all did an amazing job! Wanna come help salvage my yard?

  5. I didn't know you could use those hanging planters for cukes and squash. Hmmm...

    Nice job! Seriously! Ask for a break on your rent, at least for a month!


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