Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do These Boobs Make Me Look Fat?

You know, if they ARE going to make me look fat, could they at least produce more milk, please?

I am having some BF'ing frustration.  Not the act of it.  As you know, I love it.  It's more that my production is not going up to meet Peanut's needs.  Not even close.  He drank 12 oz while I was at work today.  I MAYBE pumped 4 oz.  Fuckin' A, man.  I am NOT quitting.  Any breast milk he gets is good, but very soon my supply in the freezer is going to severely diminish and he will be getting more and more and more formula.  Sigh.

Here's what I am taking:

  • Alfalfa
  • Fenugreek
  • Mother's Milk Tea
  • Only water otherwise for beverages
Someone recommended Reglan.  However, based on the side effects, I am going to have to pass.  My history of depression and anxiety pretty much rule it out.  Plus, it says it's not necessarily safe.  Just gonna keep going as long as I can and give him whatever I can.  

But speaking of fat - seriously.  I'm not sure if they make me look bigger or help.  If they had stayed small, I would have no curves from the side...just blubber.  So I guess they DON'T make me look fat.  

Listen boobs, I need more milk.  My boy loves it.  And I want enough to make boob juice mozzarella cheese for Peanut.  So let's get going here!  Seriously.  I am done pleading.  It is now time for you to put in some effort here.  Make yourself worth the need to sleep in a bra at night.

Now, if you'll excuse me, your "biggest" admirer is farting straight up at me, and I need to go make him a bottle (since you SUCK!).  Hahaha, suck.  Get it?  


  1. Have you seen a dr. for a domperidone PX? I will increase your milk flow? I never took it for milk production but have known many women who have.

  2. Do you have a local La Leache League? They have volunteer leaders who are well versed in all issues breastfeeding, and can also make referrals to certified lactation consultants. Do you have a good breast-pump? (I have an extra medela pump in style I could send you...)

    and seriously, my boobs are freaking huge already, I can't imagine them growing much more!

  3. I hope it picks up! Sorry I am no help.

  4. I have found I have to drink A LOT(at least 100 ounces in 8 hours)of water and eat enough. I also typically have to pump 3 times while I am at work and then another at night to get enough for my little guy. Is he eating 1-1.25 ounces per hour you away? I had an issue where daycare would try to feed him more than he needed, rather than cuddling/soothing/pacifier, because bf takes so much longer than a bottle and my boy demanded the time. Hang in there you are doing a great job!

  5. I wish I could help you out more. The fenugreek and mother's milk tea have helped me. I bought new shields, bottles,etc too and that helped a bit. I've also heard playing with the settings can help.

  6. Sorry...nothing helped me. I wish I had enough to feed my own baby, but I don't feel guilty, I tried my hardest and he kept eating more and more. I decided to call it quits when I found other moms were pumping 20x more than I was...plus he wasn't getting enough from me when I was BF (and not pumping).

    I hope that you can get something figured out soon. If he is demanding more than usual it is probably because he hit a great growth spurt...:) Yay!

  7. nominated you for an award on my blog

  8. I don't make milk and if I did I don't know that I could make 10 ounces per feeding as each kiddo eats a ton! I think you're doing amazing lovely lady and I hope you are enjoying your long weekend.

  9. Ugh, I feel your frustration! I didn't produce enough milk either and finally ended up having to supplement but I kept pumping like a maniac, figuring that any little bit was helpful.

    I tried everything you're doing and did have some success with the Mother's Milk tea. Not a lot of success but maybe another ounce each pumping session, if that.

    So sorry I'm not any help but hopefully someone will have some good suggestions!


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