Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marketing Genius

Have you seen this Ko.tex video?  Because it cracks me the hell up.  Why on earth do I want neon colored tampons or pads?  Seriously?  To advertise that I am on the rag?  Right...I open my big fat mouth enough.  So they are easier to find in a bag or purse?  Well, shit, make 'em glow in the dark then...those I would buy!

But you know what would REALLY sell?  (And I actually posted something on FB about this.)

Pads and tampons with built-in vibrators.

Can you imagine the sales spike????

There are some kinks to work out.  You know, the additional landfill material, and all those batteries going into them.  Because I'm not such a fan of extra garbage.  But man, work would be so much more entertaining!  And we'd be happy!  A lot!  AF would be welcomed, or at least tolerated...

I'm just sayin'.  It's worth a thought...

It is right up there with the invention of the vibrate setting on a cell phone.


  1. LOL! I totally agree! Who comes up with the marketing ideas for some of these products? You know it had to be a man that came up with the 'Have a happy period' campaign from a few years ago.

  2. LMAO! Sign me up! I'd definitely buy those >:D

    Btw, I adore that Cyanide and Happiness comic! I first saw it a couple of years ago (I think) and thought it was hilarious :D

  3. O.M.G. That is classic...that cartoon made me snort out loud!!!!!!!!

    I love how the commercials make it seem like if you only use their product, you'd enjoy your period so much more. Yeah, right.

  4. LMAO!!!

    Neon-coloured? After all, that I have dumped in this shrine of a body I have, I would like to now add even more chemical goodness into it...

    BTW, if it were dark, and I spread my legs, would they also serve as torches? Egad!

    You are SO responsible for making me think like this...:-)

  5. I just spewed my tea all over the computer...damn...oh but it was worth it!!! By the way... your babe is pecious!


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