Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Really? 6 Weeks? Almost 7?

  • Really?   I have a nearly 7 week old baby?  How did that happen?
  • Holy crap, I have to go back to the evil, not so guaranteed job in 10 days!  Putting it out of my mind...ho hum, maybe it will just go away if I stop thinking about it.
  • Hubby's makeover!  Fran requested a photo!     There he is!!  His hair, you've seen from previous photos, is grey, like silvery grey.  Genetic predisposition.  He looks like a young buck now!
  • 6 week post partum checkup: All is well, nookie allowed....ummm, if you find my mojo, could you send it back to me?  Using nyastatin cream on my nips as well as the meds for Peanut...we will win this battle against thrush!  I asked about future pregnancies (dreaming big here) and "the plan" is progesterone supplements throughout pregnancy.  Really?  That's it?  Sigh.  I guess we shall see how things go.  May not even get there.
  • Saw Dr. Head Monday as well.  I officially have carpal tunnel, which I have thought since about 3 days after bringing home Peanut.  It has improved, but I am now trying to remember wrist braces, and praying it doesn't get worse again when I go back to work.  Luckily it is more annoying than painful.  Also finally waging an all out blitz on the anemia.  Iron infusions, 3 to be exact, begin Monday.  4 hours hooked up to an IV while holding baby and praying he is calm.  Good times.
  • I tried putting on my "fat" pants from pre-pregnancy the other day.  HAHAHAHA.  Didn't come up over my thighs.  Hmmmm.
  • Peanut has some sort of irritation of his circumcision scar...I rushed him to the doctor Wednesday to have it checked out, where of course, the swelling had gone down.  We had given him a bath, which did the trick.  Sooooo, warm compresses it is, and neosporin.  
  • Since we were at the doc, they weighed him....drumroll please!
HE HAS PUT ON 14 OZ IN 2 WEEKS!  Booya!  He should hit 6 lbs any second now :)
  • The Moby Wrap is the best invention EVER!  
  • The meat cravings I had all pregnancy have disappeared entirely.  Blech.  
  • We have some serious financial decisions to make.  I hate money.
  • I have given up on Peanut sleeping in his cradle more than half the night.  And you know what?  I'm okay with it.  Because his little warm body makes me happier than a pig in shit.  His funny sleep breathing makes me grin like the damn Cheshire cat.  So be it.  
  • We purchased a nice big box of barely used cloth diapers from Gil, including BumGenius pocket diapers, some really fun all-in-ones, and a handful of prefolds.  Today we received the gDiaper Bundle For Newborns, and with that, we are READY TO ROLL.  Most of what Gil sent us is one size, so can be used for ages.  The gDiapers will have to be updated as Peanut moves up sizes, but it's all bueno.  He is big enough to get started! And I am super excited.  Stay tuned for reviews!  
  • Speaking of which, before Peanut arrived, we purchased Seventh Generation newborn diapers to be used the first few weeks of life.  We didn't even use them until last week, LOL.  Anyway, the tabs are a bit difficult to undo to fasten in the front, which is a bit frustrating when baby is screaming and rolling around.  However, that is so bearable because these diapers hold an amazing amount of fluid.  Like, all night's worth.  When your child pees 12 times a day, that is pretty damn cool.  2 thumbs up.  
  • Moby Wrap = Best. Thing. Ever.
  • Whilst wearing wrap, I was chowing on funnel cake this evening, and ended up having to lick powdered sugar off Peanut's head and face, LOL.  
  • We picked good sperm.  Tonight, Pixie's mom and boyfriend, who apparently don't remember that we had to use donor sperm, remarked that Peanut looks JUST LIKE DADDY :-)  Made him super happy.  Which makes me happy :-)


  1. The hubby's makeover looks awesome.

    Fabulous weight gain for Peanut.

    Hope the money decisions aren't too bad.

  2. I battled thrush for a long time and tried many different things from Nystatin, a special nipple cream that had to be made at a compounding pharmacy and weeks of Diflucan. Nothing worked. Genetian Violet worked like a charm. $5 7 days of treatment and gone. But do what you think is best. Baby wraps and slings are awesome. You're son is adorable.

  3. I love the powdered sugar situation :)

  4. Lol... tell me how you really feel about the Moby wrap!

    And striving for 6lb is just so foreign to me. Our wee girl is anything but dainty.

    I love our diaper service, but honestly, I have yet to have more than two nights in a row without leaks. Still trying to figure that out.

  5. The image of you licking sugar off his head will stay with me and keep me smiling for a long time... :)

  6. You always have the best leftovers, lol and I think he looks like his papa too! Soo awesome!

  7. I cannot resist saying this, but your hubby's new makeover TOTALLY reminds me of Skippy from Family Ties. I cannot believe I came out of anonymous reading to say that. ;)

    I used BumGenius AIOs and I really liked them. I never tried any others and plan to use them again. I did stop using cloth after one year because of some life factors (insanely stressful new job, grad school and no time to keep up my house). I hope to stick with them longer the next go round. They are really pretty easy in my opinion, but I know my child care provider (mother-in-law) was never super keen on carrying dirty diapers around in a wet bag.

  8. hahaha powdered sugar licker! hubby's hair looks great! My favorite is the comment about looking like your hubby. I smile when people say that @me too!


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