Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Week Brought To You By The Letter V

****Major TMI warning****

You were warned.

Still here?

Okay.  Your choice.

2 weeks ago I was helping Hubby load stuff to take to the storage unit for transport to our new home.  At one point I started getting shooting pains in my crotch.  And when not shooting pains, severe aches.  Like when you have a lot of sex and you feel like your crotch is bruised.  But there was no sex.

I talked to my sister who was also pregnant at the time (not now!!  Niece 2.0 arrived Thursday!!!)  She mentioned varicose veins.  WHAT???  What indignity is this??

It turns out that Vulvar Varicose Veins happen to about 10% (reported) of pregnant women, especially in 2nd and subsequent pregnancies.  I probably triggered them lifting.  I think the percentage must be higher, but who wants to talk about "lightning crotch" to their doctor???

Let me repeat that.


With unpacking and moving around this week it has become horrid.  I am swollen and sore and when I have to pee the pressure is awful.  I spend time every day now with an ice pack in between my legs.  Blargh.

To make things MORE fun, because I wasn't miserable enough, today I seem to have developed what we women all love: a zit in my labia.  It's between the folds.  I, of course, can't see it.  But I can feel it.  And it feels like a mosquito biting my lady bits.  A lot.  And with the swelling from the previous issue...sigh.  I just want to lie in bed and weep.

So I am faced with a particularly odd dilemma.  Warm wet compress for the zit...which will make the swelling worse, or just the ice and hope the zit sorts itself out.  Soon.  For the love of Pete, soon!!!

I mean, really?  Varicose veins and a zit?  At the same time?  Either one is horrid.  Together?  I'm wondering who I pissed off karmically.

33 weeks pregnant and counting.  I have benefits next week.  But no money for a midwife so hoping I can track down, quickly, an OB covered by Medicaid who will agree to a VBAC.  That, or I wait until I go into labor and go in at the last possible moment.  So I can push a baby out my very swollen, painful vagina.

I wanted this, right?  Right.

Right now I'm ready to be done.  Just sayin'.

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  1. Oh I feel your pain on the first issue! I have been having major pressure for the last three weeks, and at my appt last week, my doc said that's what I have too. Awful! Never even heard of it before. Hadn't thought about an ice pack, does that help? She said don't count on it going away until after delivery, but it 'should' go away then. Sorry about the zit on top of everything else...that sucks! :(


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