Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Long Time No See

I logged on to look up something the other day and realized it's been nearly 3 months since I've written.  I'm not sure how that happened.  Other than being insanely busy.

I'm trying to figure out where to go with this.  I don't have the time to read others' blogs these days and feel guilty expecting someone to read mine.  I feel I have lost touch with this whole community and feel terrible about this!  By the time the kids go to bed I want a little down time and then I am usually in bed by 9.  Because if I want any sleep it has to be in the first few hours after they go down.  Because my kids don't sleep through the night.

So, I'm trying to figure out how to make this blog thing work again.  I certainly miss it!  Twitter has become my link to the world these days.  It's quick and dirty.  Which works better when you are a busy mama.  So what do I do?  This blog meant a lot to me for so long but it just feels lost right now.

Must. Figure. Out. What. To. Do.

By the way, the kiddos are great.  I'll try to get some recent pics up.  How is Finn 7 months old tomorrow????

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