Friday, September 6, 2013

Breastfeeding Win

Do you remember how hard I struggled with supply and pain issues, etc with Phelan?  How I fought for 7 months?

This week marked 4 months breastfeeding Finn.  And as of this week we are exclusive.  No donor milk.  He hasn't had formula since the hospital.  And now no more donor milk.  It's all me, baby.  I am ecstatic and so proud of myself.

I'm still fighting for every drop, but the point is, that it's all me and I'm doing it!!!

Go body!  (And if said body wants to lose 30lbs while it's at it, I wouldn't argue)

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  1. Good job! I struggled the first time too and had no idea how happy it would make me to be successful the second time around. Well done, mama!


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