Saturday, May 4, 2013

Finn Is Here!

This morning while lazing about in bed, P stood up and belly flopped onto my bump.  I started cramping and having low back pain that didn't go away with fluids or lying on my side.  I called the OB who I hadn't even met yet, and ended up in L&D.

When I arrived I was contracting, though not painfully, and cervix was closed.  We checked my placenta because of the chance of abruption, but all was well, thank goodness.  

Unfortunately, I kept contracting, and it didn't slow down.  I also started dilating.  We did procardia and turbutaline, but contractions were still going strong.  We did morphine and phenergen to force me to relax and hopefully calm my ute.  Fail.  We did a magnesium sulfate bolus followed by maintenance dose.  Fail.

Because I hadn't met and actually consulted with OB yet, I was told no option for VBAC (and also due to Medicaid, no option for tubal ligation during c-section) so it was time for a c-section.  

This c-section was painful.  I just didn't get nearly as numb, and the "pressure" was more than that.  I was yelling at them.  Hubby actually watched this time, though.  As soon as I heard his cry I cried.  And then within minutes knocked out for about 15 minutes.  

He is in the NICU, but doing very well.  5lb 13oz, 18" long.  Perfect.  He is breathing on his own.  They have him on monitors, IV fluids, and a tube to siphon fluid out of his tummy.  I hate that he is in there.  But I got to hold him at last.  

I will start pumping tomorrow morning, and with any luck will be able to nurse him by Monday.  Chances are he will stay here when I go home, hopefully not for very long.  This is devastating to me.  It's killing me that I can't have him brought to feed, that he has to be all alone in there.  

I can't believe my toddler put me in labor.  

I can't believe he is here.

Finnegan Shae

First touch

Got to hold him for a bit


  1. Oh my! Was totally not expecting to read this tonight, but congratulations!! Glad he is doing so well, and hopefully you will be able to nurse very soon. Glad you have been making so much progress in the last week or so preparing for him. What a little cutie you have, yay!!!!

  2. Oh Genevieve he is beautiful!! Congrats to you, hubby and big brother P! Please take care of yourself, and I hope little Finn is cleared to come home very soon!

  3. He is simply gorgeous, Genevieve! Congrats to you, your hubby and of course big brother P! Take it easy and I hope little Finn is cleared to leave the NICU soon!

  4. Congratulations, and welcome to the world, Finn!

  5. Oh my God!! Welcome Finn!! you have a little girlfriend who is not even two weeks older than you here in Ireland! Remember that!

    Well done Gen, he is perfect!!

  6. Oh he's beautiful---and what a story for them when they're older!!!! :-)

  7. He is beautiful, Gen. And that pic of you together... I cried! Hugs to you all!

  8. What?!?! Wow! Congratulations and welcome Finn! I hope you all go home soon and start getting used to the great, lovely chaos that is toddler and baby! :-)

  9. Welcome to the world, Finn!

    Jeeeez, P totally changed your plans of bringing Finn into the world....

    But glad to know he is doing well. You take care of yourself.


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