Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baby Boom

I still have so much to write about and process.  So much.  And I want to document Finn's progress, my progress, but today is a brief detour.
A friend of mine was in early labor when I went into the hospital after P jumped me.  I was joking with her throughout the day that I was going to beat her if she didn't hurry up (she was 38 weeks or just 39 weeks).  I beat her, but about 15 hours later her little boy was born.  He's also in the NICU but hopefully not for long.  And she is in Houston, so perhaps we can have a little boy meet up at some point.  All our boys are similar in age!  You can find her on Twitter @SuperCheMom.

This morning, another dear friend from a blog who was a fellow 35-week mom with me with our first sons, gave birth to son #2, very healthy, nearly 39 weeks.(Yes, I keep beating those due before me again!).  I feel a special connection to Di, and I'm so happy that her son was born healthy and full term this time.  Unfortunately she lives in FL, so no huge rambunctious boy playdate, but my fellow sister is joining me in newborn glow this morning :-)  You can find Di at A Little Bit Of Life.

Like I said, I have so much to write out but it's hectic.  And as I discharge this morning, about to get MORE hectic!  And man on man do I need caffeine.

I will try for more pics later.  They are getting a bit redundant as he is still tubed and looks, well, the same.  Sleepy, LOL.

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