Friday, November 2, 2012

Grasshopper: 8w3d

Well, I would have posted Tuesday, but there was that storm.  Sandy Interruptus.  We got power back Wednesday evening. We were out of power just under 48 hours, and there are still people in our area without power.  There are trees down everywhere.  But compared to a lot of New Jersey and parts of New York we were so incredibly lucky.  The beach I spent my summers at as a child is basically gone.  My heart aches for everyone who has lost their home, their business...It's really devastating out there.

So, here we go.

How far along: 7w0d - Grasshopper is the size of a raspberry - growing 1mm/day. You can't feel it yet, but she's moving those arms and legs like crazy! Her fingers and toes are now only slightly webbed, and her tail (yes, she had one) is gone. Fun fact: your baby's taste buds are now forming.

Total Weight Gain: No idea. I refuse to get on the scale.

Maternity clothes: Yes.  Did I mention I don't want to get on a scale?  I feel fat and bloated.

Sleep: Pregnancy hormones are starting to win out over the meds.  The dreams are sooo vivid.  And anxiety inducing.  I woke up hitting Hubby the other night crying, "no, no!"

Movement: I don't expect that for 7 more weeks at least.

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings: dying for some California Rolls.  Aversions: meat, coffee

Sex: I refuse to do the deed until we get the go ahead from the OB.  Paranoid, here. Having said that, however, man am I horny!

Symptoms: Still very bloated.  Boobs still sore, especially nipples.  Morning sickness is basically gone (which worries me) but insomnia is here.

What I miss: Nothing :-)

What I look forward to: OB visit and u/s for reassurance, coming up Monday the 5th!  Woohoo!  Movement.

Moods: Happy overall.  Having to really focus on staying calm as had to drop one of my meds right away.  This has all of a sudden become more difficult.

Milestones: Depending on the source, some say that I now have a fetus, not an embryo.

Medical Concerns: On 3 meds, 2 of which are contraindicated for breastfeeding - those are the bipolar specific meds, and in order to breastfeed we will have to wean me off of them and hope all is well.  Not looking forward to that.

Weekly Wisdom: Kind of like having a newborn, I sleep when P does.

Best moment this week: Taking a hot shower after we got our power back!

No belly pic.  No thank you.  I am nearly the weight I was when I had P, so starting out 40lbs heavier than last time.  No urge to show fat tummy until it's an actual bump.

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  1. Not long till the OB visit my dear, hang in there, you are doing great!


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