Thursday, October 18, 2012


I figured it out!  Why I'm not all Chatty Cathy on here these days.

I pay people to listen to me be chatty and let it all hang out.  I am easily the most verbose of the people in  my group.  Plus I get an hour of individual every week.   Why would I want to spend hours and hours every week baring my soul and then come home and type it up?  I don't.

It's the same reason I despise talking on the phone.  I spent years working at jobs that had me on the phone ALL. DAY. LONG.  Thus, I have no urge to use a phone for its intended purpose.

Speaking of intended purpose...

Toddler.  Right?  OMG - I am out of tupperware because I can't find any that matches because P has, shall we say, reorganized the kitchen.  I think he's stashed silverware around the apartment.  With the tupperware.    The crib mobile?  In pieces.  He turns many things into phones (speaking of phones!) - usually none of those things are actually phones.  My favorite thing today was that he has started answering the "phone" like an adult...but in toddler-speak..."Aaah-oooh?"  That means "Hello?"  Yeah.  Stupid adorable.

He said "hug" today, too, followed by an actual hug!  I sense a word influx right around the corner.  But then, he never has been predictable, so who the hell knows.  Certainly not I.

Discipline...y'know what?  Nevermind.  I think that needs a whole post.

Anyway, point of post having been covered, I am off to take meds and pass out.  With perhaps bisquits with butter and honey in the middle....Nomnomnom

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