Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Blessed

Linking up with Danifred officially for the first time!  Go me!

  • P will be 5 months old tomorrow.  I still haven't done the folders on FB and Snapfish for month 4, much less month 5, LOL.  Or the big email to family on his stats n stuff.  SLACKER!
  • I can't believe I have a 5 month old son.  Who babbles and shrieks and puts anything innapropriate  into his mouth that he can.  And who STILL does not sleep through the night.
  • I had a phone interview yesterday for a new job that will make this worth it.  Because if I get the job, it comes with new IF insurance coverage and a shot at a brother or sister for P.
  • Speaking of this, my dear cycle buddy Nicole has started a "Save The Frosties" campaign if you haven't seen it yet.  I feel so incredibly blessed.  To have the friends that I do in this community.  The support is amazing, and the power of the interwebs infinite.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
  • I have literally wept tears of gratitude multiple times this week. 
  • Hubby has started a paper's crap pay, but it may just keep our heads above the water when he finally starts getting paid.
  • My nipples are healed!  Completely!  Thanks AGAIN to Nicole! 
  • On day 5 of Domperidone.  Trying not to obssess over production yet.  I have to order more *digs through couch cushions for change*
  • I had my VERY FIRST guest post this week!  I feel like I've cleared some sort of hurdle in the blogging world, you know? 
  • I was hitting a serious depression streak the other day...until Nicole and all of you lifted me up. 
  • Uh-oh, Bette Midler just started singing in my head.  C'mon, join know the song!!!
  • I "finished" making baby food.  I.E. I finished the pureed stuff.  I should make more variety, but, well, I may never run out...I really hope you learn from my over-enthusiastic pureeing expedition.  I wanted to give you a pic of the total, but they aren't all out of their trays yet.

    Again, I want to thank all my Bleeps, Feeps, and Tweeps for their love and support in Operation Save the Frosties.  You are amazing, and I don't know what we would do without you.  We are truly blessed.


  1. Hey chica...hoping and praying you get that job! I am so very excited you might have IF coverage.

    We need munchkin pictures.

    Hope the Domperidone does the trick for you.

  2. I like this post! lot's of good things coming your way.
    Me too, will keep my fingers crossed for that job offer! it sounds like a really good opportunity for you.

    Blessed = I love that subtitle:)

  3. I hope the job offer comes your way, it sounds like it has all sorts of great benefits.

    And, I'm totally with you on the organization of pictures. I am SO behind!

  4. Genevieve -- I'm here via Nicole via LFCA. I'm willing to donate to the "frosties" fund but can only contribute a modest amount financially -- but -- $500 sounds to me (fellow IVF mom) a lot for frostie storage (and I know from experience, frosties can be mobile). I'm willing to call clinics within a reasonable driving distance of you to ask what they charge for a year's storage if this might be a help -- please let me know. Seriously, I'll send you a spreadsheet with names, addresses, amounts, and notes if you might use it.

    As one example, just now googling, Fairfax Cryobank, which has a branch in Philly, will store embryos for a $40 monthly fee plus $210 for shipping and a (one-time) $45 handling fee. That's no real savings, but less up front, and it's at least possible they'd let you drive the embryos to them. I can't easily find pricing info for the other clinics in the ABE area (I've looked) but I really am willing to call. Just let me know.

  5. I really hope you get that job...having IF insurance would be awesome!!!!!!

    My absolute favorite age for my kids was the 6 months to 12 month period! They all of a sudden seemed like real little human beings. Before that, they pretty much just slept, cried, ate, puked, pooped and peed. But at around 6 months is when they truly became more social and I had such a blast with them!!!


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