Saturday, August 27, 2011

FNL: Mother Nature's Revolt

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Woohoo!  Where I get to spew random facts that have accumulated in my brain all week!  *insert evil laugh here*
  • Mother Nature is on a rampage in the US.  Earthquake in Colorado.  Earthquake in VA (felt along nearly the entire Eastern seaboard!!!). Hurricane Irene.
  • I have a theory about all of it.  Wanna hear it?  No?  Too bad.  The company I work for has a call center in Colorado Springs - rare earthquake.  12 hours later, 2 more centers feel another rare earthquake (including mine).  Puerto Rico call centers hit by Irene the next 2 days.  Now, our center is facing the hurricane as well.  So, Mother Nature is out to get my company.  ROFL.
  •  I do not mean to laugh at those in the way of Irene.  I know it's scary.  I just refuse to get all worked out, and you have to admit, there is a solid theory there.
  • You ever have a food that when cold makes you shudder in revulsion and you swore you would never eat it in that condition?  I do: oatmeal.  Today I hit a new low.  I ate it cold.  I make a huge bowl to eat for breakfast at work - I didn't eat it fast enough.  3 hours later I was still eating it.  Cold.  In all its nastiness.  And oddly, I didn't care.  Added milk, cinnamon, etc helped. 
  • I got my nails done for my birthday almost 3 weeks ago.  Because I had been chewing on them and I had birthday money.  Now I don't kow what to do with them.  Can't afford to keep them up, hate ripping them off.  Considering taking Hubby's Dremmel (sp???) to them, LOL.
  • I have heard nothing back from my phone interview last week and it's driving me BONKERS.  I sent a follow-up email today.
  • Okay, P is up to 14 lbs minimum (yes, he has tripled his birth weight!), so giving in and this weekend means reorganizing all the drawers again so he is in 3-6 month clothes.  For real this time.  I mean it.
  • How the hell did my scrawny Benjamin Button kiddo turn into roly poly kid with no neck?  Yes, you may now sing selections from "Rocky Horror Picture Show."
  • P turned 5 months last Saturday - I didn't do a post.  I am sooo behind in that kind of thing.  But, I post can see he is growing, chubby, smiling, etc.  And...occasionally LAUGHING!  Oh, yeah, baby.  Best sound ever.
  • Still not on solids, but we give him a baby spoon to play with every other day or so to get used to what it is.  I feel like I am supposed to KNOW he is ready, but honestly...not a damn clue.  6 months it is, LOL.
  • Speaking of which, a promised photo of the baby food mania:

    Those are gallon size bags, folks...

  • We have started the switch to cloth wipes using Diaper Lotion Potion!  I'm excited.  Hubby said, "Great, more stuff to wash."  I didn't point out that I have done the laundry for the last month...
  • I have decided to do a Couch to 5K.  Gah!  Foot is pretty much healed.  BUT, there are a couple things I have to sort out.  First, as I cannot afford a gym membership, and Hubby needs sleep, I will have to take P in his stroller to do it.  Which means weather can SEVERELY impact me.  Which means I need to be diligent on nice days.  ALSO, our town is uber hilly.  So...mayhaps I walk to the flat walking path by the creek first and count that as my starting point?  Thoughts?

******Continued Saturday morning******

  • I NEED to make this, and yes, I have found a pattern :-) 

  • Another new first for me:  I went to bed with P around 9 pm last night.  He was in his cradle.  I woke to him chattering at 1:30...with an empty bottle next to him.  Hubby was out delivering papers.  I apparently grabbed the bottle, shook it up, took the cap off, and fed him.  While SLEEPING.  Bad, bad sign.
  • Have to work today.  Damn.  Wanted to prep for storm.  It is completely throwing off my weekend.  Sigh.  Hunker down and be safe my friends.


    1. Oh what phone interview? I'm so behind LOL!

    2. Sorry you haven't heard back about the interview!

      All this natural disaster nonsense is making me nuts, mostly because it's throwing our schedule for a loop. We did absolutely zero hurricane prep (although we will bring in everything from our deck today). Hopefully I haven't just jinxed myself.

    3. OMG! that nursing hat is a Must have! hilarious:)

    4. Under no condition and I mean NO, will I eat oatmeal. Love that breast feeding pic lovely lady, too adorable!

    5. I was laughing at breastfeeding pic!

      I like oatmeal. I can have it for breakfast once in a while. I like to add fresh fruit and prefer it warm.

      Sorry you haven't heard from the interviewers yet.

    6. OK, I had a lot to say but that picture just knocked it all out of my brain and now I can't stop laughing. :)


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