Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For Family and Friends

Below is a list of things that family and friends can read to understand what we are going through with IF and what may help, or not help. I thought perhaps this could help others who don't know how to help their IF friend/relative. I sent it to some of my family members proactively....

Family and Friends
When Infertility Strikes the Family
Although infertility is widely acknowledged as a crisis for individuals and couples, it is less recognized as a trauma that impacts their families. Yet, involuntary childlessness is an intergenerational crisis that has the ability to strain, even damage, family relationships over time by impairing communications and interactions.
Myths of Infertility, Revealed
There are a number of myths about infertility that exist in America today. This section should dispel the myths and give accurate information to the browser.
Dealing with A Fertile World
People dealing with infertility see things everyday in the world that remind them of their plight. And society has formed opinions about infertility that are used in various channels. This section will share what a "day in the life of an infertile woman" is like, and discuss some societal facts that impact her.
Don't tell them to relax (or What Not To Say)
An important part of the content, this section will list the comments that are made, usually with the best intentions, to infertile people that are more hurtful than helpful. The reasons why these comments are painful are addressed

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  1. Do you know what the new links to those resources are? I am working on my own letter to my friends and family and would love to check out the additional info you linked to....


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