Monday, March 29, 2010

What did I do with the sperm catalogs?

3 days until the consultation - do we do it? Do we "give up"? Between IVF and donor embryos, IVF seems more logical. Fewer out of pocket expenses up front. The anxiety gets the better of me some days. Fell asleep at 9pm last night, with friends here. Go me. Stomach issues have begun, so I have to watch what I eat or end up in the bathroom most of the day. I am calling the doctor today to make an appointment for some anxiety meds because I'm tired of me, so I can't imagine how others feel regarding my wicked mood swings. And this is without horomones. What happens when I start all the IVF procedures? Blah. I keep saying, "Maybe," but I think we will do it. I have to try and think in the NOW as opposed to what happens when it doesn't work.

And the funniest thing keeps running through my head: "What did I do with the sperm catalogs???" Yup, this is my life.

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