Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

Haven't done this in ages, and I know the host is different, so I'm not linking, just using the title.  I simply have a bunch of small things to talk about!
  • P has learned mimicry.  It is hysterical.  Last week when I was sick I was using a bowl to heave over.  Luckily not anything was really coming up.  P came over, leaned over the bowl, and made throw up sounds.  Oy.  The other day I came out of the bathroom sneezing loudly like I do.  30 seconds later, P is, you guessed it, imitating it.  Ditto goes when I dissolve into a sobbing mess (3 or 4 times a day).  Same with laughter. Seeing and hearing his rendition of my various bodily functions is hysterical.  We are in trouble with this one.
  • Night Terrors make me so sad for P.  And generally means I sleep for crap as he is in bed with us then, tossing and turning.  But waking up next to him is nice :-)
  • I can feel Grasshopper :-)  Yup, this early.  For about a week now, though I wasn't certain until yesterday when there was a definite reaction to iced tea.  Apparently baby loves it.
  • I am going to make salt dough santa hand ornaments tomorrow.  I am inordinately excited about this.  Is it a mom thing?
  • Forgetting my meds at night is a BAD THING involving dizziness, exhaustion, and vomit. 
  • Another person has mentioned to me the possibility of writing a book.  This is an overwhelming thought to me.  But my ever-spinning brain came up with a title.  Parenthood and Mental Illness: When the Stork Flies Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  Teehee.
  • Incredibly glad for Medical Assistance. However, I'm driving about 10 miles to see a chiropractor. This may not seem like far, but it takes at least half an hour because of traffic and lights. And I can't find a dentist within 20 miles.  Fact: I currently live in a very upper-middle class area.  Which means while you can get the assistance, you can't always find someone who takes it.  This is INCREDIBLY frustrating.  Both Hubby and I desperately need to see a dentist.  I am not driving to Philly for one, however.  Definite glitch in the system.
  • There were a couple more small things, but I am braindead (see bullet point about forgetting meds) and have to get P up in 10 minutes to make the hike to the chiro.  He'd better be good.
Happy Friday everyone!  If this whole ornament thing works I'll post pics!

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  1. What are P's night terrors like? We're wondering if Chloe is having them too. How exciting that you are feeling the little one move already! And the mimicry sounds so funny. Chloe is doing it a little bit but not to that extent. Such a fun age!


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