Thursday, July 26, 2012

It Sinks In Eventually, Right?

Me: Mom, he figured out how to climb onto the coffee table and reach the tv.  So much for blocking it.
Mom: Well, tell him "no."
Me: Ummm, don't you think I did?  Have you met my kid?

The word "no" is a joke.  I use it, along with "stop" a LOT.  Let me give you some examples.

  • No, that's Mama's, not Phelan's.
  • No, really, that's not yours.
  • No!
  • Stop!
  • Stop playing with the cable box.
  • Turn the tv back on.  No!  On!
  • Stop playing with your penis until I wipe the poop away.  I mean it. **
  • No, I still have to put your diaper on, stay still.
  • No you may not have my drink.  That's MY drink.  Mama's (much needed) drink.
  • No, I will not give that back to you.  You threw it, you lost it.
  • Stop pulling on the cat.
  • Stop shaking the gate!  Remember what happened when you did that the last time?
  • Please stop drinking the pool water!
  • Please stop banging on the laptop, it's Mama's.  You have lots of toys.
  • No, don't eat...nevermind.
  • No!  
  • No!!
You get the idea?

Generally speaking, following a "no" comes a temper tantrum.  A screaming, crying, occasionally throw himself on the floor, tantrum.  

I promise other things get said.  Like "I love you" and "I love you, too" and "naptime" and "night night."  Okay, and a few others.  Today was one of those days where he screamed, pouted, fell and split his lip, screamed because he couldn't have my phone, threw yogurt across the room, threw a fit in the restaurant, threw silverware, cups, and food in the restaurant, climbed on everything in sight, tried to climb the tv, and turned furniture over.  Yup, he's a toddler.  He may not be quite walking, but that sure as hell doesn't stop him.  He is the cutest holy terror ever.  I think I'm raising Dennis The Menace.  

He will respond to "no" at some point?  Right?????  Lie to me if you have to.

And no, him yelling "STOP" at everyone in the grocery store doesn't count.

**This is my personal favorite.


  1. Of course it stops honey, another couple of weeks and he'll be angelic again and nothing will every get broken and no more tantrums xxxxx

    (you said lie right?)

  2. Yes! He will listen! It's just around the corner :)

  3. I'm sure eventually it will sink to when well...I let you know when it happens for Oliver (by the way, I could have written this post!!)

  4. I found this to be THE most challenging age! About 18m they start to be able to communicate more and think more, and the behavior becomes less impulsive. He will get it eventually, I promise!


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