Sunday, June 1, 2014

Potty Training Hilarity

Being at school is a world of good for Phelan, even if he is having a tough time adjusting. He's in the potty training classroom. Younger kids, but an easier transition for him plus the benefit of potty training. On Tuesday he pottied once successfully; same with Wednesday. Twice on Thursday, and then all day on Friday, excluding nap time.

We hadn't been able to get him to go at home, but it was only an hour before bed. But we sat him on the toilet and tried. He prefers to sit. One night he's on the toilet and we're with him in the bathroom and he's grunting with the effort of trying to produce pee. Then he says, "Mommy, it won't come out. It's broken. I can't fix it!" We about died laughing. He's all pulling at his penis trying to make the pee come out. Hysterical.

This weekend I was determined that we would not lose the progress we made during the week, so I took the diaper off and promised cookies in exchange for successful pottying. I had to go out and get more cookies. So yay! He hadn't pooped all day, which isn't surprising. They hold it for diaper time. But he didn't.

You know those bleachable moments commercials? Well, we had one. Phelan pooped, but not in the potty. He brought Hubby poop. On a lid from one of the pieces of his play kitchen set. "Here, Daddy."  He was so proud of himself. I nearly peed myself laughing. Poop on a platter. I can't wait to tell his first date that story.  BLACK. MAIL.

I had to share.

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