Saturday, May 24, 2014

What a Week

Monday our sitter gave us a week's notice. One week. You have to understand that we were paying DIRT CHEAP for child care. And we are still really tight on money. So losing her was a panic-inducing blow. To say we were scrambling was an understatment. Assuming we could find a similar situation, most people don't deal with our late pick up (7pm some days), and no childcare facility will. We were on the waitlist for subsidized childcare through the state, but no idea when that would come through.

I was talking to my one boss, with whom I have become friends, and she was so upset at me maybe needing to quit to work for a facility where I can bring the kids for free. Though she understood. We were trying every avenue we could think of.

It turns out that Tuesday night after our meeting my friend went to the director and area director and said to them that they couldn't afford to lose me and they needed to figure something out. They went to the owner.

The next day I found out that they worked out a way for both kids to come to work with me and attend the school without much more cost to me than we had been paying, and it's for 5 days a week, not 3. I cried. My director told me I'm worth it and that they cherish me as a teacher. I cried again.

I've found a community at this job. I feel wanted at this job. And now my kids get to be social. Phelan needs it especially. He's going to have a harder transition than Finn, though Finn had a rough day yesterday.

So that worry was over but then I was worrying about them being in school what with eating issues and Phelan's issues with structure when he's always just free played. Can't win for losing, right?

We've decided to put Phelan in the class just below him, the older 2yo, because it's slightly less structured and has more potty training abilities, to help him transition into going to school. After summer he will move up to the preschool class.

Finn is going into the Toddler class. Young Toddlers, though really it's just one class right now. He is the youngest, and not walking yet. So I think he was overwhelmed  by the rough and tumble of the other kids. But he'll get there. In Older Infants he was king of the roost and had a blast. But he might as well get used to being in a toddler classroom as he'll be walking soon.

I've been given a great opportunity here. To be able to put my kids into a school that they never would have been able to attend. And I can check in on them during the day. I sneak, though, because they still melt down if they see me and then I leave again.

So, a new chapter in our lives. My kids are in school!


  1. What a blessing n more proof u r where ur supposed to b... n how odd in today's world to have a job that appreciates u???!!! Sad to say but usually the best workers get shit on the most. Goes to show this is a great company to work for. Thank GOD its not walmart!!!

  2. Oh Gen this is amazing!!! I'm so happy this has happened and what an amazing opportunity!! Also you get to enjoy your work even more and of course now the children are going home when you have finished! What a blessing, you so deserve a break. I'm sure they both will settle easily and you will be much happier too!


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