Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Breastfeeding Encounter

Yesterday we took the kids to this indoor play park. Luckily I got the tickets ahead of time via Groupon because I'm not sure it would have been worth it otherwise, but they had fun, so all is well.

Anyway, I was in the under 2 area with Finn and these 2 girls, probably age 6 or 7, were in there. They were fascinated with Finn. I had to keep reminding them to be gentle as they were manhandling him a bit. Finn got fed up and crawled over to me. He started yanking on my shirt, which means he was ready to nurse, so I pulled down my shirt a bit and we went to town.

The girls had more than a little passing interest in this. So here's how the conversation went.

Girls: What does he want?
Me: He wants to nurse, drink breast milk.
G: What's that?
M: Mommy's make milk and babies drink it.
G: So he doesn't drink out of his own bottle?
M: He does when I'm not around.
G: Does that hurt? Does he have teeth?
M: No, it doesn't hurt, and yes he has teeth.
G: Can we taste the milk?
M: Ummm, no.
G: Can we feel the milk?
M: No, it's inside.
G: (not believing me, they both reach over and poke my boob) I felt it! I felt the milk!
M: Okay.

And then they left. I was dying. I'm sure their parents would be thrilled to know that they touched my boob. I missed a few of the things they said, but that was the gist of the conversation. So funny. And mildly awkward, especially the poking part.

So that's my latest and greatest nursing in public experience. It's the strangest by far.


  1. I was simply amazed when one of my besties let me feel how it was when she was full. She was having a belated baby shower as she gave birth overseas n was in pain cos she didnt want to leave the guests to go pump. My reaction was I felt like I was touching an elbow it was so full n hard. Could not believe it! Cant imagine how that feels. Yes I was an adult n no never had kids so had no clue but will forever appreciate learning that day. Maybe every girl should feel that so they can learn too. Well not all on u tho. Heehee but an amazing lesson. Im sure these girls had tons of questions for their parents. B kinda funny if they were there w only dad. Heehee

  2. Haha sounds like you handled it pretty well! I actually haven't breastfed out in public but I can only imagine some of the scenarios that might play out, especially when young kids are around and have questions.

  3. Mike's niece, age 9, had the exact same conversation with me a few months back. without the touching of the boob!!

  4. I shouldn't laugh, but OMG I am so hard! Curious minds and poking your boobs! I remember poking my own boobs to see which on was fuller and which one to nurse off of. Oh memories.


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