Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bedtime ABCs

Phelan is obsessed with the ABCs.  OBSESSED.  Bedtime can be very difficult.  Last night we were BRILLIANT and came up with Bedtime ABCs.  Works like a charm.  We go through them and he totally settles down.  So, for posterity (and so I can somehow turn them into a book), here they are!

A is for All of us
B is for Bed
C is for Cuddles
D is for Dreams
E is for Everyone sleeps
F is for Family
G is for Goodnight
H is for Hugs
I is for I love you
J is for Joy
K is for Kisses
L is for Love
M is for Moon
N is for Night (or Nap at naptime)
O is for Off with the lights
P is for Pillow
Q is for Quiet
R is for Rest
S is for Stars
T is for Tired
U is for Under the covers
V is for Very sleepy
W is for Wishes
X is for eXtra special
Y is for Yawns
Z is for Zzzzz's

He loves it.  We feel brilliant.

Happy bedtime!

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