Monday, August 12, 2013

Proud Mama Moment

A couple days ago at the pool, one of our neighbors brought those torpedo things you push toward each other under water that can go quite a distance.  One big one, and 4 brightly colored little ones.  P of course wanted ALL. THE. TORPEDOES.  Which for simplification I called rockets because he knows what those are.  The neighbor was really only using the big one, so P got lucky and was allowed all 4.

Yesterday, he had to learn limits.  Their daughter was playing with a couple, but again, P wanted ALL. THE. TORPEDOES.  There was a screaming crying tantrum.  In the pool.  I talked to him about it, comforted him, but told him they aren't in fact his and he can only have 2 today.  He calmed down, and we swam back to the neighbor, where ON HIS OWN he conducted a successful trade for the 2 colors he wanted the most and then he APOLOGIZED.

I am pretty sure if I had a Mom app there would be some sort of unlocked achievement for this.  Right??

In other news, Finn is such an easier baby at this point than P was.  He nurses a lot, BUT he regularly sleeps 4 or more hours straight, sometimes as much at 7!!!  What????  And he will sleep on his own now!  I am in shock.  He is growing like a fiend, and at 3 months and around 11.5 lbs he has doubled his birth weight.  I pump when I can, but he gets 1-2 bottles a day of either my milk (if i have any) or donor milk.  We are on our 4th donor, and this one will probably be a steady one.  I wish I had known of this with P.  Finn is so much less gassy and irritable than P and I think some of that is the exclusive BM.

Much like his brother he LOVES the water.  He is in every day we are at the pool for as long as his body temp stays okay.  When he gets cold, out he goes.  He adores it, though.  And he gets nursed while floating many days.  Baby bliss!

My mom arrives today for a short visit.  Not nearly long enough...or maybe just long enough.  3.5 days.  It's going to be uber emotional.  Especially when she leaves.  I think I will medicate before she leaves so I am not a total disaster.

I am starting as a PCA (Patient Care Advocate) with Fertility Authority this week, commission only, but it's a start, right?  I'm excited!  I get to do something I am passionate about, even if only for a little time each day.  And it is all thanks to Jay.  I got to speak with her on the phone and it was fabulous!!!  Always fun to connect with someone outside the internets.  We need the money, so pray or whatever, that I do well at it.  Also seeking PT morning work.  Gotta turn things around here.   

And yes, it's 5 am and I'm blogging.  Finn slept from 8-3:30.  I couldn't fall back to sleep so gave up and had some cereal and am enjoying quiet mommy time.  Which gave me time to hop on here!!! Woot.

Hope everyone is well!


  1. Wow! Well done, you, well done, P! Moments like that go a long way to make up for all the moments when one feels let down by their parenting.

  2. So glad he is sleeping well...that's gotta be so freaking nice!

    Good luck with your new endeavor!

  3. I love my early morning mommy-time! And I loved your "mommy app" idea! Who can we talk to about making that happen? :)

    Yay for goodness all around!


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