Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just Fer Scuzz

Because I'm feeling down and want to look at photos of my Peanut, I'm sharing some recent ones with you :-)

Someone really loves bath time.

We call this "The Face".  Make me laugh EVERY TIME.

Why do we buy him toys when scarves are his favorite form of entertainment?

Seriously, football player my ass.

Sometimes eating can be very tiring.

How the hell am I supposed to diaper this?

Or this.  He prefers to play.  I have learned to diaper him whilst on his belly.  Or side.  Etc.  Clothes, too.


  1. I cracked up out loud when I saw the last two photos. I have a flipper over here during diaper changes also. Every diaper change I say "No flippies!" but he doesn't listen to me either. ;)
    Your little guy is too cute and I hope he gave you some extra cuddles this weekend. I read but didn't comment on your last post, but I'll be thinking of you in the morning and with all my heart, hope everything works out.
    Good Luck.


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