Monday, March 24, 2014

My Baby is 3

Phelan turned 3 on Thursday with very little fanfare.  He even turned down the french fries and chocolate shake I bought him. Stinker. But then, he's been stubborn since conception. And as time goes on that just gets stronger and stronger. He is very much his own person, and his will is unbendable. He may be the death of my sanity. And my furniture and carpets.

We celebrated Saturday by taking him to the Trampoline park, which was an epic fail. He freaked the moment it was time to jump. And Sunday had our friends over for some cake and singing. Low key. I'm just not the mom to put on a huge party he will barely remember and is still struggling with the concept of. I told him it was his birthday, and he said "Happy Birthday" to me. And to anyone who would listen. So, there's that. He knows that birthdays are happy though.

He still isn't potty trained but we are making strides. I need more alcohol. And a steam spot cleaner for my now pee soaked furniture and floors. He KNOWS how to go. He KNOWS when he needs to go. He just can't be bothered. It takes away from what he's doing. I'm not sure how to overcome that. He does like wearing underwear, though. Bonus points?

He has a renewed interest in all things Signing Time, so I'm hoping to get more videos. I want Finn exposed as well. He gets so into them. I love it. And I'm learning more as well.

I can't call him a toddler anymore. He's 3. He's a preschooler. He's a little boy. Who's learning and growing and becoming more and more his own person every day. He's growing up. He wants a BIKE. I'm not ready for that! Potty, then bike. There should be some sort of order to these things.

3 years has gone by so quickly, and yet seems like a lifetime. His lifetime. I barely remember life without him.

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  1. Hard to believe he is 3! Blows my mind!!!


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